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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Exposed - Part I

Exposed - Part I
The pressure reveals the cracks

God doesn't expect perfection from us He wants us to desire perfection (in Him) and then He GIVES it to us. (Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled. Matthew 5:6)

Hiding comes in so many forms. Some hiding is so second nature that we are hard pressed to even recognize it for what it is. How can hiding be in plain sight? All the laughter and pleasantries worn like a mask. Fear looming deep inside that she may really be found out. Or even the hidden parts that we didn't even realize were there? The things we either thought were already overcome or never even realized the were an issue? Hiding.

Our roads were recently redone in front of our house. Before they put on the new layer of asphalt the crews went about tearing up spots up and down the road restoring and refilling them. We didnt understand why they were doing this patchwork repair. We actually thought that was all they were going to do, patchwork. That they were either too cheap or too lazy to just 'do the job right' which in our eyes was to either tear up the whole thing or just put a new layer of asphalt on top.

How similar is this to the way I think of myself. Either I'm totally not worth saving (working for, committing to, believing in) and I want to just give up. Or I want to put on a coverup and bury the imperfections deep beneath the surface.  But here is where the aha moment comes...the reason they could not just put the new layer of asphalt on top of the old without first addressing the 'trouble spots' was because if they did that the pressure of the top layer would cause the under layer to crack.

It's ok to stay right there for a moment, I did.  We'll talk again later. Love you guys.

Special honor and thanks to the angel of the Lord Rev. Love me like:) you know who you are.  Thank you for just being you! You remind me to keep searching, to never give up, to believe in my success more than my failure, to not just throw out the baby (myself) with the bathwater. Double blessings on you, your ministry and your good success.

Meanwhile...Keep walking on water!
Rev. Lisa Thatch - A Caring Professional

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