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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who do you think you are?

Running for your life.
Disregarded by your family.

Can you imagine my confusion?  I served him honorably.  Both personally, in his private chamber, soothing his sullen spirit and publicly bearing arms to fight a formidable adversary.  I kept going, even after having been overlooked by my own father.  He didn't even consider me when calling the family in for the special dinner.  Now I'm on the run, hiding, fearing for my life, going to my enemies for cover.  Can I really be the one?  Am I the one you intend to establish forever?  Speak to my fears.  Strengthen my gait.  Encourage my heart that I may encourage myself. 

- King David, in the valley of the shadow of death.

Don't allow where you are right now make you forsake your destiny!

Cane Creek UPDATE:

Please send in your payments:
Lisa Thatch
3225 Sunset Road
Charlotte, NC 28216

or to or call and I can take a credit card payment on the phone.

The itinerary is shaping up nicely.  If you have not already RSVP'd please do as soon as possible, there are still spots available.

The dates are Oct 21-23, 2011.  Cost is $60.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I haven't written much of anything in a long time but today I was reading one of my notes from 2010.  At that time I was looking at a note from 2008.  I was angry that I was 215lbs at that time but then when I saw the note (from 2008) I was reminded that I was 241lbs at that time!  Now its 2011 and I can't even imagine EVER having been 241lbs at 4'11'' tall.  But I was.  As much as I am dissapointed at myself for having gained back almost 15lbs I have to remind myself that as of April 2010 I was 185 lbs!!!  and that was something to be GRATEFUL FOR!  What's more, 'I' did it!  No pills, no drugs, no hypnosis, no shakes, real food and real sweat with LOTS OF PRAYER!  All of which is in great supply. 

So as I regroup (again) I realize that the same way we (God and me) showed the devil back in 2008 that I am more than a conqueror is the same way in 2011 that we (God and me - MORE GOD than me) will show the devil in 2011 that I am MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!  I am grateful for the set back (again).  I am grateful for everyone of these 15 lbs (that I completely HATE).  I am GRATEFUL for the gift of God which is Christ and the knowledge that I am overcome by the words of my testimony!!!

I'm tired of this weight and I'm tired of all the fears and anger that I'm hiding in the folds of each layer of fat.  I'm tired of starting over and I'm tired of all the setbacks.  I'm tired of sabotaging myself and allowing others to sabotage me.  I'm tired of allowing myself to forget who I am and more importantly WHOSE I am!!  I'm tired of hiding and I'm tired of worrying.  I'm GRATEFUL for all the failed 'yesterday's' and all they taught me and  most of all  I'm GRATEFUL for TODAY AND EACH AND EVERY TOMORRROW!!

I am also grateful that I am reminded that this is a JOURNEY and what I have learned is that I took the 'goal weight' as a destination thinking that when I got there - I had arrived.  That was the biggest mistake.  Thinking that the journey was over when I got to that magic number.  Maintaining a healthy relationship with food (for me) is as much of a day to day journey as sobriety for an alcholic.  Thinking that I had 'arrived' was the beginning of my downfall.  Thinking more  highly of myself than I ought.  Forgetting that when I am 'weak yet am I strong'.  Forgetting to surrender EACH AND EVERY DAY to God and asking for His help and guidance on this journey. 

I am now fully persuaded that neither life nor death nor cake nor pie nor success nor failure can separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus.  Thinking that my failure is my finish is a trick of the adversary and what I sometimes forget is that I am MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!!!

and so are YOU!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2nd Annual Back to Eden Retreat - CANE CREEK


Its that time again! Are you ready for it? This year we have a special treat planned for us. We will have a specially chartered pontoon boat taking our group around the lake to take in all the beauty and serenity of it all. The itinerary is still being developed and as always - this is YOUR retreat so I need YOUR input.

October 21st, 2011 - Friday night's meet and greet - campfire pajama party replete with s'more (yeah, I didn't leave off the s...U know you only get one:)

October 22nd, 2011 - Saturday will be chocked full of fun activities - mini-boot camp; lunch on the lake, pontoon boat ride and free time to explore the campsite - miniture golf ($2) and pedal boats ($3). And of course dinner and our infamous award ceremony.

Octobeer 23rd, 2011 - Sunday - Say our good byes/continental breakfast & coffee and make our way to Sunday 11am morning service. You are welcome to come to services at my church if you are from out of town. Just need to know ahead of time so that I can make arrangements to feed whomever stays after church.

As always, I endeavor to keep costs as low as possible. This weekend locked in at $60. Remember, the cabins sleep 6 and you will need to bring your own bedding. Each cabin contains a mini fridge; so once we get monies in and room assignments folks can work together for snacks and or whatever they might want 'room by room'. Date is October 21-23rd, 2011.

I sincerely hope everyone is able to come and I know that God will orchestrate exactly who 'needs' to come to be there.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I got NEXT!!!

He was brought by the pool to wait for his healing.  He had been sick over 38 long to keep believing that things could possibly change for him.  Day after day seeing people step in and come out whole.  "OHHH....the water is stirring...I see it," only to look around and realize he had no way to get to it.  Day after day being brought to the water, this close...THIS CLOSE...but not close enough.  'This person is whole and that person is whole and I'm still sitting here...' Sadness and hopelessness surround him even him as others are all around him dissapointed but only ONE will be made whole. Only the first to make it in will receive their healing.  Suddenly, tapped on the shoulder, by what looked to him like a stranger but unbeknownst to him He was aware of the years that he lie in that state. 

Sitting by the pool, waiting for the water to stir only to be yet again dissapointed because someone else got theirs...'When will I be next?' 'Will you be made whole?' Jesus asks him.  Probably thinking, 'What a dumb question!  I'm out here EVERY DAGGONE day!  If it didn't want to be whole I'd just stay home wouldn't I?!?!'  But he responds instead, 'I have no one to help me when the water stirs so I miss my turn.' Jesus says to him, 'Rise up, take your bed and WALK!'  (John 5:2-9 paraphrased and inference added)

I'm so glad this morning even as I think of all the excuses - even valid ones - that I have made as to why I could not, have not, did not receive the blessings and promises of God that through Christ I GOT NEXT!!!  Just getting up and being reminded that as long as there is breath in my body I can praise God!  I can cry out to the giver of life for strength and the best part is when I call on Him...HE ANSWERS!  I got NEXT!  He did it before and He'll do it again!!  I got NEXT!  Thankful for the faith to persevere and keep walking on water. 

Praise Reports!!
Lisa 'Indyatalks' Thatch down 6lbs!!!  Starting over ain't easy - but with Christ ALL THINGS are possible!!
Kathy M. down 3lbs in one week!  - GO GURL...ya bones is showin'! 

Rejoice in the Lord in EVERY trial and every triumph just keep TRYING.  Don't give up and remember YOU GOT NEXT!!!

Receipe: (This one if for our Spa Day Luncheon tomorrow)
Tomato Basil Shrimp with Pasta
2 Tblsp FRESH Basil - Chopped
2lbs Shrimp peeled/deveined
1qt Cherry Tomatoes cut in 1/2
2 Tblsp Garlic, chopped
2 Tblsp Olive oil
2 Tblsp Low Sodium Chicken broth
Lite salt/pepper to taste

In large frying pan add oil and bring up to medium temp lightly brown garlic, pan sear shrimp on each side for 3-4 mins each side.  Add basil, garlic, tomatoes, season with salt pepper.  Add broth.

Cook rice pasta according to package directions (rinsing thoroughly).  Toss with 1 tsp olive oil and parsley flakes.  Top with shrimp/tomato/basil mixture and ENJOY!!!

Prayer:  Lord, continue to bless us and keep us.  Remind us to trust you daily for our daily bread.  Thank you for forgiveness and starting over.  We bless your name and we praise you in all that we do.  In Jesus' name!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to Eden Spa Day-Money Due


Non-refundable fee of $30 is due Friday (no later than Sunday) to secure your spot.  Please contact me to turn in your money ASAP.  We have folks on the waiting list at this point and we want to be fair not to exclude anyone who has already RSVP'd.

Remember, your $30 pays for your 30 minute massage, lunch, drinks and activites for July 23rd, 2011 from 1pm - 6pm.  An itinerary/schedule will be sent out so that you can be sure that you are present for whatever activities you want to participate in and also be sure to be on time for your scheduled massage.  If you have any time constraints, please make me aware as soon as possible.

Thank you!!!

Meanwhile...keep walking on water!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you there God?...its me...

“Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” Satan said to Eve.  But because she either wasn't paying attention or didn't remember it properly she responded, "God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”   AND LEFT THE DOOR WIDE Satan's mind controlling mess!!! (see Genesis 3:1-2)

I'm sitting here thinking and the title to that old book was just ringing in my ears.  What was I, 13 or 14 years old when I read that book?  I can't even really remember what it was about but the title is just so appropriate.  Are you there me...Lisa?  I don't know if I 'forgot', 'lost focus', 'got complacent' or all of the above, but I fell away...and I got lost but instead of feeling lost, I felt like I lost something.  Searching frantically for something not really knowing what.  I looked all over and while I looked, I lost overwhelmed with stress.  Finally, coming back to myself, its been almost 3 months and I haven't tracked my goals.  WHOA!!  What the what?!?  Size 14 again?  Where did you come from?  I BYPASSED a size 14 months ago.  I was well on my way to a solid size 8 but I lost 'it' ('it' sure ain't lbs)...and when I lost 'it' (focus) I almost lost 'it' (my mind).  How could I let this happen?  I could scarcely look myself in the mirror right now.  I feel like a failure.  So aggravated, so tired, so defeated.  I heard in my ears - 'I told you, you couldn't do it.'  I responded back - 'I know, I know.  I can't do this.  Its impossible, its hard, its'...Hold on!  wait a minute!  SHUT UP Satan.  That's only HALF of the truth.  It 'IS' hard BUT I 'CAN' do it!!  Matter of fact...YOU DID DO IT!!  And you CAN do it again!

Then I checked 'it' (my attitude) and I went back to my closet.  I pulled out my Journey of Jeans - All the way up to my starting size - 22.  Holding those 22's up to my now (again) size 14/16 self  helped me to regroup.  "You may not be where you want to be, but you are sure not where you used to be.'   AND Satan, you can kick rocks. 

Getting back on track is hard...HARD...HARD. I certainly wish I would have stayed my course because momentum is our best friend.  But don't get it twisted.  Its not impossible.  As a matter of fact, I have decided that this 'setback' (its not a failure until you quit) has actually made it better.  I am reminded that this journey Back to Eden is a lifetime commitment.  It is not something that will do itself but will require my complete and consistent dedication.  But the results are worth it. - I apologize, to you - those who have walked this journey with me, because my first pain and hurt was in that I felt like I let you down.  But I hope that in my open failure, that I will allow you to hold me accountable.  I have always said, I am not one who has arrived, but only in what I have learned I share as one who has gone before but not necessarily attained.  Learn from my failures and put yourself FIRST.  Do this for YOU and for those who need and depend on you.  You can do it...

Remember....keep walking on water!!

Rev. Thatch

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to Eden Spa Day - July 23rd, 2011

Back to Eden Spa Day

So nice, we had to do it twice.  A wonderful day is planned for you. It will include a brief Back to Eden presentation, a 30 minute massage, lunch, drinks and a facial. You will be pampered with eucalyptus soaked cucumber slices for your eyes and a cool drink to enjoy inside or out. Your personal massage will be in the private area and accompanied by the full experience: aromatic fragrance, soft glow candle lighting and soft relaxing music.

Feel free to lounge about and fellowship after your massage (bring your robe if you like) or go home and get into bed feeling refreshed and invigorated by the talented masseus hand selected and brought in just for you.

The cost is $30, complete. You know you can't even get a massage by itself for $30. This will be an intimate fellowship so only the first 9 responders will be able to participate. All monies must be paid when you RSVP to save your place.  There are already only 6 spots left because a couple of the ladies from the FIRST spa day have already secured their positions they had SO MUCH FUN!!!

This will take place on 07/23/11 from 1pm to 6pm in Charlotte, NC at my home. You will not need to be present for the entire day (unless you would like to). Your massage will be 'scheduled' in advance so you will know when to arrive by to allow everyone to be able to take full advantage of their time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to Eden Spa Day - the countdown begins


You have responded to the Back to Eden Spa day and I hope you are looking forward to the experience.  Please arrive ready to relax.  If you will be spending the afternoon with us, please feel free to bring your towel and comfy robe so that you can relax after your massage without having to rush to put your clothes back on. 

Cool summer drinks will be provided, lunch, wine will be available as well if you so desire.  There will be soft music and a welcoming atmosphere.  This day is just for you.  Sit back, relax, enjoy.  Come with an open mind and an open heart. 

The day will begin at 1pm with light hors d'ouvres and drinks to set the tone and let you unwind. The massages will also begin at 1pm.  I am preparing the schedule based on feedback from each of you, so if you have time constraints please let me know so that I may take them into consideration. 

My address is:
3225 Sunset Road
Charlotte, NC 28216

Phone:  704-493-2035

You are welcome to stay the day and just relax, meditate, enjoy the deck out doors (weather permitting).  Whatever you like.  Expect a renewing experience.  If you have not paid please contact me to secure your place. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to Eden Spa Day

Back to Eden Spa Day

Ladies, a wonderful day is planned for you.  It will include a brief Back to Eden presentation, a 30 minute massage, lunch, drinks and a facial.  You will be pampered with eucalyptus soaked cucumber slices for your eyes and a cool drink to enjoy inside or out. Your personal massage will be in the private area and accompanied by the full experience:  aromatic fragrance, soft glow candle lighting and soft relaxing music. 

Feel free to lounge about and fellowship after your massage (bring your robe) or go home and get into bed feeling refreshed and invigorated by the talented masseus hand selected and brought in just for you. 

The cost is $30, complete.  You know you can't even get a massage by itself for $30.  This will be an intimate fellowship so only the first 9 responders will be able to participate.  All monies must be received by 5/14/11 to reserve your place. 

This will take place on 5/28/11 from 1pm to 6pm in Charlotte, NC at my home.  (No boys will be here - all girl experience).  You will not need to be present for the entire day (unless you would like to).  Your massage will be 'scheduled' in advance so you will know when to arrive by to allow everyone to be able to take full advantage of their time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


He sat by almost 4 decades sitting by waiting for a 'healing' waiting for a 'deliverance' waiting for a 'breakthough'.  Hoping day by day that someone would come along and 'help him' to get where he thought the answers were.  He had heard the answer is in this fad or that fad or this remedy or that remedy just seeking and searching but not finding.  Then Jesus asked him a simple question that unlocked a rhema moment for me...'Will you be made whole?'  Wow.  It can't be that simple, um, I mean...I've been doing this and doing that but, trying all I could, even when no one would help me, I couldn't do it, I've been 'trying', such and such is my 'weakness', 'it can't be my fault' and the excuses continue (wo is me...yeah, I hear me)  But Jesus says in so many words, 'the jig is up' if you want it, GET UP, PICK UP YOUR COMFORTABLE PLACE and WALK in your VICTORY.  OUCH...and AMEN. 

Because my first thought was, dang...that was kinda cold Jesus.  I mean he was 'trying'.  He showed up, day after day hanging out by the water, waiting for his 'turn'.  Didn't that count for something?  GET UP, TAKE YOUR BED AND WALK!  Plain and simple, if you want it, like Nike - JUST DO IT.  As much pity as I wanted to have for the main character in this biblical story, what helped me the most is, even though he'd been going there almost 4 decades, even though he'd been waiting for the 'healing' to come by the troubling of the water, even though I thought, how could he already have his healing and be so 'short sighted' as to not operate in it, even though I figured (now that of course I knew the end of the story) that he may have been his own worst enemy, even though all of these things about him may be true the best part is that when he GOT it he GOT IT!!!

Even though it took him almost 40 years to get his breakthrough moment it was HIS!  It did not have an expiration date on it.  God had set aside his healing for him and maybe he had missed it all those years but it was still HIS and when his mind was opened up and he was called to action he was able to WALK in his healing!  in his deliverance!  In his VICTORY!!   (John 5:1-18 paraphrased)

This gives me great encouragement.  I know I get 'stuck' in my 'waiting' and 'looking' for the miracles of God.  Looking at the scale and seeing the same number that I thought would be gone forever.  I got a tremendous breakthrough just realizing that even in my own limited thinking, beliefs and understanding even I can't NEGATE what God has for me!  I can however, DELAY it.  That was what stuck out to me as well.  I'll keep thinking on this as I MOVE into the destination that God has promised.

Confetti Pasta (I just called it this cuz its so colorful:)
1 cup of twisted rice noodle rotini - cooked per package directions
1 strips pre-cooked chicken breast
2 shrimps
1/2 turkey sausage (left overs work nicely for the proteins)
1/4 c red onions sliced thin
1/4 c yellow, red, green onions sliced thin
3 cherry tomatoes (halved)
1/4 cup of tomato sauce (jar sauce works fine, choose low sodium)
parsley garnish

Spray a non-stick pan with Pam and pre-heat.  Stir fry the veggies until onions are translucent.  Toss in the proteins.  Top on the pasta and put the sauce on top.  Garnish with parsley.  DELICIOUS and it takes about 5 mins to make from start to finish.  You can make it for the family also.  I like to make everyone's separately because no one likes the same 'stuff' in their pasta so you can add or leave out whatever you want. YUMMY!!! and QUICK!!!
Extra Recipe:
Breakfast Smoothie
Pineapple - Mango YUMM
4 oz - Almond Milk
2 oz - Frozen Pineapple
2 oz - Frozen Mango (Trader Joes has BOTH this week and they are JUST frozen fruit and sooooo sweet!)
2 pkts of splenda (to taste)
couple ice cubes

Blend and enjoy!  If you need a carb, u know me, just add oatmeal or cream of wheat.  You can use a protein powder if you need a protein, but I just eat a piece of chicken strip with mine:)

Prayer:  Lord, help us to walk in the victories you have given us.  Help us to walk into the promises of God and the purposes you have given us.  We thank you for your grace that allows us to get into the game and walk in our victory no matter what point we finally GET IT.  It doesn't matter how old we are or how far behind we may feel, when we allow you to be the wind beneath our wings we are able to take flight and SOAR!

In Jesus name we pray.  Amen!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Is 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

It may feel like you are just treading water. You may feel like, your efforts are in vain. Just 3 short months ago, I was ready to give up on all of it. My weight - life period, everything...I just felt like I had done all I could do and nothing was working. It was time to throw in the towel, accept my failures and resolve myself to accept, maybe I was just meant to be 'fat' or at least 'fatter' than most.

It was devastating to me. I don't like to fail. I turned to God, this time filled with my desperation, and I asked Him, to do something. I had prayed before and always go to God, but the weight...I kind of asked Him 'along' for the ride. I didn't surrender it all to Him. It didn't seem serious enough. I mean, people had 'real' problems He needed to deal with. But it got REAL to me so I CASTED it - to Him and actually, let go.

The 'wait' started. That didn't mean doing nothing, it meant doing 'everything' I could and 'expecting' God to do 'everything' He could.

Wait on the Lord - with an EXPECTANT spirit and be found doing all YOU can and He will answer prayers.

Congratulations Time!!

SAN T. - wait for it...wait for it............6 INCHES and 2lbs in 2 WEEKS!!! That must have been you on page 43 of Jet magazine!! You better WORK!!!

Cossandra S. - Out shopping? Running errands? Can I stay on plan...YES I CAN!! You go girl. Way to stay committed to your goals. AWESOME!

Priscilla W. - YOU GO GIRL!! down 1 more lb!! Every bit counts. You get it slim. Stay on track - you got this!


Roasted Butternut Squash (thanks for requesting this one Jennifer)

1lb squash - peeled and cubed (big chunks - Harris Teeter sells them ready to cook)

Butter flavored Pam cooking spray

3pkts Sweetner (Stevia/Splenda - your preferred brand)

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Butter Bud - sprinkles (to taste) - I don't use this on mine personally. It tastes good without it to me.

On a cooking tray or sheet, spray with Pam and arrange squash on sheet. Spray squash w/Pam and sprinkle sweetner, nutmeg and cinnamon on top. Bake at 400 degrees for 40-45 mins (until golden brown and fork tender).

Serve 1/2 c serving as a carb A. I found that I love it anywhere I'd normally have a sweet potato, just to break up the monotony. I've eaten it with breakfast, dropping it cold in my peach smoothie for a creamy texture. Get creative. I'll send the peach squash smoothie recipe out tomorrow. Enjoy!!

Prayer: Lord, let me be an instrument of your peace. Help me to bring love and encouragment and support to those connected to me. Bless and cover each one of these people and strengthen them with your power. Raise up the holy spirit in each of us and use it to encourage and support us in our goals and efforts to be whole, healthy and productive vessels for your kingdom's work. In Jesus name. Amen!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lost it? Find it!

How did you manage to lose it? 

In the process of spring cleaning the temple of the Lord, the priest Hilkiah, 'found' the book of the law (2 Kings 22:8.  I found that statement very odd.  My first thoughts were, 'where they do that at?'  LOL.  I mean, we are talking about the 'temple of the Lord' right?  Surely, if they don't know where ANYTHING is at, they know where the 'Book of the Law' is kept right?  Notsomuch.  So of course my second thought was, how irresponsible is that priest.  I mean, he is a priest right?  His job, among other things was to meditate and read the 'Book of the Law'.  I got real upset with Hilkiah.  What a lazy, irresponsible priest he was.  He had one job.  And here he is, acting all brand new, talking about 'I found the book of the law'.  I thought, 'shoot, I would have kept that information to myself'.  I would not have put my irresponsibility on blast like that.  ssshhhhhhhh.....our little secret Lord.  But not Hilkiah.  He ran out and got Shaman, the scribe and told him.  I thought equally odd that Shaman didn't know where the 'Book of the Law' was either.  I thought it was his job to 'scribe' it.  He oughta know where it was too, shouldn't he? 

Then the Shaman went to the King and read the book to King Josiah.  The young king was MOVED into action.  That changed my thought around.  Nothing would have ever happened if Hilkaiah had not exposed his irresponsibility.  So as I read, I said - ouch Lord.  How can I move forward if I don't admit - even to myself - my own mistakes.  So funny, I had managed to put Hilkiah and Shaman in all kinds of irresponsible, untrustworthy, inconsistent categories but I was overlooking my own short comings.  Hiding and pretending not to know or that no one would notice.  I needed to own my own mistakes.  These 8lbs didn't come back because they missed me.  They came back because I put down the instructions that I had been walking in that made me successful in the first place.  Just like the children of Israel (in this case - Judah as the kingdom's had split).  I had gone off to do my own thing.  Thinking (or not thinking at all) that I would be able to maintain the same results WITHOUT putting forth the same efforts.


Joshua told the people what God told them to do.  (Joshua 1:8).  Meditate, day and night and DO all that is written therein.  THEN you would have good success.  (paraphrased).  Josiah returned to those directions and began with a vengence.  FIRST, to humble himself to God.  Then to propel himself into action.  Getting rid of everything that was a detriment to his success.  Not just putting it out but COMPLETELY destroying anything that was contrary to God.  We have a program that has worked for us.  We have seen the success.  We can get back on track.  Go, look for your back to eden 'book', put it into action.  Clean house and remove anything that may hinder you. Put the temple in order.

April 9th is our next 'Pray in Weigh in'.  I'd like to add a brisk walk/jog Downtown to that. 
We can meet at 9am @ RCM to weigh and then make our way to Morehead and back for some exercise and fellowship.  If anyone needs to get a new copy of their materials, just send me an email - and include your body type and I'll send it back to you.  If anyone needs some one on one time, give me a call, email or text.  We can do this.  We can be the Josiah generation. 

Congratulations time:
Cheryl R. - DOWN 10 LBS!!  I'm proud of you.  That exercise has definitely helped to get that weight moving in the right direction. 
Lisa T. - Down 3lbs (since yesterday!!!) Jogged 10k today in 1.5 hrs!

Reminder:  Get that water in!  It will work WONDERS to jump start your results. 

Prayer requests:
Lane Family - pray for the covenant of marriage.  Marriages are under attack and God alone is able to preserve them.  Ms. Wilhelmina - pray that God continue to increase her stregth.  She is already an overcomer!!  Porsha - pray that God give her special, special blessings as she celebrates her birthday and continues to grow into the woman of God that He has created her to be.  Kisha - Pray that God gives the angels charge concerning her as she takes her trip to the Holy Land.  That He keep her family in perfect peace and health until she return.  Barbara - Pray for traveling mercies.  Judy - Healing, complete and total!

Lord, continue to strengthen us to recognize the tricks of the adversary.  Help us to be able to twart him at his own game by calling him out and asserting the dominion you have given us over him.  Encourage us to seek your face daily for strength, direction, peace, help and refuge.  Remind us to lean not to our own understanding but to acknowledge you and let you direct our path.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Keep on, Walk on...

You know you can do this, you've done it before. Somehow, things are getting away from you. Things are moving in the wrong direction. The wind is blowing. The waves are crashing all around you. The water is creeping up around you and your feet begin to sink. How on earth can this be happening to you? You were just walking on water!

It happens, to the best of us. Just like Peter. We lose our focus, we get off track. Something else comes along to distract us. We get distracted then when we finally notice that we've started moving in the wrong direction, the devil will try to get in our heads. He'll try to tell us we never really did it. We surely can't do it again. Well which is it? Did I do it or didn't I? He's so tricky. WE WERE WALKING on water. We were walking in the midst of the water with a single focus. Get your focus back. ONE STEP AT A TIME. We don't have to walk across the whole ocean in one day. ONE DAY AT A TIME. WE CAN DO THIS!! (Reference Matt 14:22-33)

Congratulations Time:

Cassandra J. - DOWN 5LBS!! With God all things are possible!! So proud of you.


Carribean chicken and rice
Pre-cooked Grilled chicken strips (feel free to cook 'em yourself. I don't have time this week)
1/2 cup Smuckers sugar free orange marmalade
1/2 cup chopped onions and green peppers
1 tropical fruit cup
1/2 cup field peas
2-3 teaspoons of water (as needed)
Onion powder, garlic powder, lite salt and pepper to taste (curry powder if desired)
2 cups saffron rice (pre-cooked)

On the stove in a large non-stick skillet coated with Pam, medium heat, brown the onions and peppers. Add the marmalade and the fruit cup and allow it to reduce most of the liquid out. Add the seasonings and the chicken. Toss and allow the flavors to marry. Throw in the field peas. Serve over saffron rice.

Remember your portions.

1/2 cup rice - 1 Carb A, 1/2 cup of the Chicken/Sauce mixture - Protein A and Fruit A

Spring has sprung. The days are getting longer and warmer. Get outside and enjoy the sunlight. Be kinder than usual.  Make an effort to make someone smile.  Its infectious. 

Prayer:  THANK YOU LORD!  Thank you for each day and each opportunity to do it again.  You have renewed mercies and renewed grace for us DAILY.  Help us to forgive one another our tresspasses as you forgive ours.  Remind us that compassion and empathy are never out of style or out of season.  Help us to walk in your love.  Thank you for a new season where things are blooming and growing.  Let us use it to inspire us and revive our goals.  In Jesus precious holy name.  Amen.

Special Prayer:  Your continued healings upon Sis. Wilhelmina.  She's getting stronger and stronger.  The devil is defeated and its already alright.  Strengthen her family, her friends and her church family.  Remind them that you are an ever present help in time of trouble.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where u at?

So, for those of you that have not seen or heard from me in about a week, I've been heads down, preparing for a really big step in my life. A leap of faith if you will. I hope that those of you who have entered into this journey 'Back to Eden' with me will continue to do so and together we will reach and accomplish our dreams.

On Sunday March 6th at 3pm I will be doing my initial sermon at 301 W. 24th Street in Charlotte, NC at Redemption Christian Ministries. I have heard the calling for some time and thought that I could answer it 'how I wanted to answer it'. I figured that as long as I was in 'work-ship' or 'fellow ship' or 'sister ship' or 'leader ship' I was not being disobedient (or so I kept telling myself). You know, I was being what they call 'hard headed':) Anyway, I surrender myself to Lord and hope that He will use me to deliver a word on this day.

Please be in prayer for me.

Upcoming activities:
Boot Camp - in Charlotte, NC weekly on Saturday Mornings at 8am. ($5)Meet at Freedom Park by the steps.
Pray in Weigh in - March 12th @ 9:30 am (I'll be there at 9am for praise team members) (301 w. 24th Street, Charlotte, NC)
Retreat - stay tuned. I was trying to get the Great Wolf Lodge but the cost was really excessive. I don't want anyone to be left out due to cost. Let me get my thinking cap on and feel free to send me suggestions. I'm down for some more light camping.

Satellite Back to Eden folks!! Send me some status!! The weather is getting warm. Need to hear some outside activities, some weight loss...make some noise!!

Daily Prayer - Join us at 6am, Monday through Friday via conference call 712-432-0232 passcode 813766#. Women from all over link up together to start their day with simple prayer. Tomorrow marks 120th day of our morning worship and God has truly been blessing us!! Yokes destroyed, burdens lifted, healing, deliverance, restored marriages, the ANOINTING is effective.


When things warm up I always look forward to swapping out one of my meals with a refreshing smoothie. Remember, if your meal calls for protein add some 'egg beaters' to your smoothie (it has no taste). If your meal calls for a carb drop some (pre-cooked)oatmeal in it (it thickens it up nicely). Choose fresh in season fruits or frozen. Try it without any added sweetner. You may find that you actually like the taste of it! Also - sneak some iron into your day by putting a handful of spinach in the blender. It also has no impact on the taste. If you can't stand the look of 'green' juice put it in an opaque cup with a top on it and sip it through a straw. Its really really good and good for you!!

Welcome to Back to Eden journey!!
Monique H. all the way from Vegas!! Get your groove on girl. You can do it!
Aletha G. holding it down from ATL! (Atlanta's in the house) You know you got this!!

Remember, its a lot easier to do anything with someone to cheer you on and be accountable to. Buddy up with a friend where ever you are and send us your praise reports so we can be encouraged and encourage one another.

Prayer: Lord, keep us in your will. Show us ourselves through your eyes. Help us to see the things you have in store for us and give us the courage to put forth what it takes to achieve them. Help us to put behind us all our short comings and failures so that they don't hinder us from future successes. Remind us that we can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens us!!


Special prayer: Lord - send a healing to sister Wilhelmina. We believe you for complete and total restoration. Release your anointing on her and in her. Encourage her soul and lengthen her days. In Jesus name. Amen.

Meanwhile...Keep walking on water!
Rev. Lisa Thatch - A Caring Professional

Monday, February 28, 2011


Hiding from my destiny?  I don't know.  Maybe.  Sometimes what I'm supposed to be doing is right in my reach but I can't believe that its supposed to be 'me' doing it.  Surely you meant to get someone else.  I'm not big enough, I'm not strong enough, I'm not smart enough.  The only thing I am 'enough' of is 'NOT' enough.  What?  Yeah, uh no.  I can't do that.  I can you say?  Well, can you give me a sign?  I can't believe that you really are talking to me...I don't even measure up in my own family.  I'm not even the biggest of this family and we are a family of small fries.  O...K...ummm...could I get another sign?  How could you...why would you put so much faith in me?  I don't even have that faith in myself.  Well, ok - I believe you.  'We'll go.'

What?  Too many?  How can you want me to take 'less' help with me?  Don't you want me to win? 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mahogany Chicken & Vegetables with Jasmine rice

Mahogany Chicken & Vegetables

¼ cup strong black tea

¼ cup unsweetened pineapple or orange juice

2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce

1 tablespoon honey

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon black pepper

Morton’s Lite salt to taste

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast

3 tablespoons olive oil, divided

1 small red bell pepper, diced

2 scallions, sliced

1 clove garlic, minced


1. Combine wet ingredients (tea, juice, soy sauce and honey) in a 2-cup glass measure; set aside.

2. Combine cinnamon, ginger, pepper and salt in a small bowl. Rub the spice mixture evenly on both sides of chicken breasts.

3. Heat 1 1/2 teaspoons oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the chicken, reduce heat to medium and cook until golden outside and no longer pink inside, 3 to 5 minutes per side. Transfer to a plate and set aside.

4. Add the remaining 1 1/2 teaspoons oil to the pan. Add bell pepper, scallions and garlic; sauté for 30 seconds. Add the reserved rice wine-tea mixture. Bring to a boil, scraping up any browned bits. Cook until the liquid is reduced by half, 2 to 4 minutes.

5. Reduce heat to low and return the chicken and any accumulated juices to the pan. Simmer gently, spooning the sauce over the chicken, until heated through, about 1 minute.

6. Slice the chicken into thin diagonal slices and fan on plates. Spoon the sauce and vegetables over jasmine rice.


She makes her way in darkness.  Hiding in the shadows, lurking in the night.  In her mirror, her own image is distorted.  She doesn't see the strength and the power and the beauty that God has created in her.  All she can see right now, are the mistakes from her past, the failures of her present and the bleakness of her future.  But deep inside, there is a flicker, a small light.  She begins to press past all the surface issues of who she is and all she's done...and she reaches him.  The water streams down her face as she cowers, kneelling at his feet, letting go of all the pain, hurt, emptiness, lonliness and despair that she has, allowing it to flow freely from her eyes so much so that it washes over his feet.  Gingerly, she lets down her hair and begins to wipe away the rain of her tears and in the midst of it realizes that she has experienced a great release. 

She suddenly feels lighter and tomorrow looks brighter.  Yesterday still was and today still is but there is a bigger flame, an increase in hope for the future.  (Luke 7:37-38 reference)

We have realized together that weight is merely a result of so much more.  For me, the issues surrounding it are much more than an affinity for food.  I do like food, but that's not it.  I so often substitute food for strength (emotional - not physical).  No matter how I feed and feed and stuff and stuff it does not strengthen me for to give me strength it would encourage me to move forward, allow me to lift up and get up.  But what it does is the exact opposite.  Used improperly food imposes a sedentary lifestyle upon us that is almost paralyzing.  Putting food in its proper place and seeking God for the strength that I need is much more logical.  Casting my cares at the feet of Christ is a lot more promising then placing them in a bag of oreos.

Upcoming events:
Pray in Weigh in - March 12th, 2011 @ 9:30 am (I will be there at 9am for those of you who have a 9:30 appt.)

Recipe of the Day
Mahogany Chicken and Vegetables over Jasmine Rice

Lord, thank you for accepting us for who we are.  Help us to see in ourselves what you see in us.  Give us the strength to overcome even our own thoughts and cast down every negative thought that attempts to attach itself to us.  Lord with open hearts we give you ourselves.  Exactly as we are.  Not trying to clean it up or make it perfect on our own, but presented to you in all honesty so that you can bring about a real transformation in us.  Help us Lord to be honest with you, to come to you with our earnest prayers, knowing that you hear us and believing that you will answer us.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Its over....

She looks over at her child, full of sadness.  There is nothing left that she can do.  Its all over.  She has reached the end of herself.  All of her resources have been exhausted.  Every card in her hand...played.  She reaches over with the resoluteness that its done.  Nothing left to hang on to, nothing left to look forward to, just NOTHING on every side. 

The last bit of flour and bit of oil will together make the last cake that she and her child will consume.  Nary enough to sustain either of them, but that's ok.  Its over anyway.  She would be the last to even fathom that she was intended to be the sustainer for another.  The thought never even crossed her mind.  Who could imagine that it would be possible to take what isn't even enough to keep the widow and her child alive would actually become provision for not only her and her son but also the great prophet Elijah?

It was not her flour and oil that became her provision, but her obedience that saved her.  Doing what God commands even when it seems impossible.  Getting to the end of herself and even in her giving up on her own provision, she, through obedience to the prophet, found for herself 'life' and not the 'death' that she saw all around her. (1 Kings 17 rephrased).

We have to learn to look past our current condition and trust God.  Its ok to be honest with God.  He wants it.  Tell Him how tired you are of your situation.  Remind Him that you are right where He left you.  I have even found myself, 'giving up'.  A horrible thing at first, but even in my giving up, He's right there...stronger, better, wiser than ever before.  Holding fast to me when I have all but let God.  Trust God with your progress.  Trust God with your prayers.  We can't feed our way into wholeness.  But we can 'pray' our way through.

Counting it down to your healthy bodies.  Getting in shape for the warmer weather.  Staying on target with all those new year's resolutions.

Upcoming Activities:  (Charlotte, NC)
Boot Camp - Weekly on Saturday's @ 8-9am.  1337 Samuel Street (New Life Fellowship) Starting 2/12/11. 
Boot camp will be facilitated by Sis. Tish of Uneek Fitness and the cost is $5/week.  All proceeds will be going toward the Fellowship Center. 

1Q11 Back2Eden RETREAT
Trying to work out the details now.  Dates are looking like March 2011.  Details and costs will be provided.

Don's and Diva's Day out - Feb 26th, 2011 2pm-7pm
Area 15 NODA

512 E 15th St
Professional Photo Shoot, Make-up Artist, Pedicures, Manicures, Ardyss, Personal Trainer, Jewerly, Massages and more.......stay tuned for ticket info.  Back2Eden is one of the vendor's at this event!!

Congratulations Time:
Roz D. Charlotte, NC - You got a 33 inch waist GURL!!  She's a BRICK HOUSE!!  Do it.  Now let stay focused and keep reaching your goals!

Porshe Charlotte, NC - I'm sick of you:)  Not a 31 inch waist OMG.  Keep on walking in it.  I see you!

Tasha M.  - Do what it do!!  AT GOAL!! and decided to keep going to give your self a little wiggle room.  U got this!!

Prayer changes things!  We have to stay focused, trust God, do our plans, exercise and PRAY!  Consistency is the key. 

Prayer:  Lord, continue to revitalize us in our daily regimens.  Its not easy to stay consistent.  Help us to make healthy choices, choices that honor you not only in our eating but in our every deed.  We turn over to you our every situation and ask you to give us the faith and the hope to be able to trust you to handle our issues.  Help us to bind up worry and anxiety and fear.  All the things that compell us to eat mindlessly.  We desire to have our minds regulated and our hearts fixed on you.  In Jesus name.  Amen!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Release me, enlarge my territory.  Come in Lord and bless me in the midst of my circumstance.  Are you faithful?  Are you consistent?  Do you serve me with gladness or is it with lipservice?  Is this but a quick fix or a long term solution.  My word says 'die daily' are you willing to die for me?

As my prayer unfolds my heart unravels.  So much to do, so many desires...but where is the consistency?  Am I willing to be consistent in the 'work' that it takes to not only 'get' the things that I desire of God but to also keep them?  Lord, am I flighty?  Am I easily swayed to and fro led astray by every little shiny distraction?  For me, the answer is 'yes'.  Its so hard to focus or put energy into one thing or another because I'm pushed and pulled on every side by a mind that is always racing and never satisfied.  Help me God to find focus and to be still. Even in that, I race about....trying to hurry up and 'get to the goal, get to the goal', so often forgetting all the lessons that are entwined in the process that will show me how to 'keep' and not just 'get' to my goal.  Wow, thank you Holy Ghost. 

One of my problems is I'm results driven.  If 'it' (whatever it is) is not producing 'visible, measureable' results very early on and consistently - I lose momentum.  I realize that. 
The other issue is that I'm emotionally driven.  If I 'feel' a certain way, I'm more or less likely to 'gain or lose moementum.  I realize that.
When I'm overwhelmed with an emotion or a feeling (happy, sad, anxious, afraid) I go to food.  I try to go to 'healthy' food but when it doesn't satisfy, I go to 'feel good' foods. 
I am competitive.  I do much better in tandem with someone else rather than just against myself. 
I am nurturing.  Because I care about 'you' I am more likely to do better for me.  I believe in being an example.

I do best when I'm in my momentum.  On a roll as they say.  When I'm going, I'm all in..on everything.  I have to keep my momementum.
I also have a comfort zone - a fake one and a real one...whoooooo....the 'fake comfort zone'  is a dangerous DANGEROUS place.  Its the place I go that I just 'let go'.  Where I say, "I'm beautiful.   Everyone is not meant to be skinny.  I deserve this (cake/bread/cookie).  I feel like exercising.  I deserve to just 'chill' for a while.  Now, some people (even myself sometimes) may look at this 'fake comfort zone' and say, 'That's not so bad, everyone needs a break sometimes.'  But getting to know ME means really being honest with myself.  Listening to my 'self talk' and learning how to interpret it. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Identity Theft

She looked in the mirror.  The image that stared back at her was definitely a familiar one.  The eyes, the nose, the hair...she knew it well.  She looked deeper.  She tried to look into her own soul.  But she turns away.  Its not what she wants to see...who she wants to see.  She is hit with a barrage of images she has seen over the past few weeks of perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect hips.  All the imagery that has began to steal her own value, her own self worth away.  She is has allowed herself to become a victim of identity theft. 

The identity that she is supposed to carry in her soul.  The identity of a royal priesthood.  A holy generation.  Giving way to a superficial figment of her imagination.  Yes, there are some things that she can do to be more healthy, more beautiful, more whole.  But she can't allow them to steal her identity.  She is more than a number on the scale.  She is more than the whiteness of her teeth or the sashay of her hips.  She is more than the sum of all her parts.  Whether or not she has the man in her life or the job of her dreams or the ideal weight or even the best credit score...not one of those things is her IDENTITY. 

We are created in the image and likeness of God.  We must continue to strive to be more like Him every day.  Its not easy, no one said it would be.  But we can't get caught up in the quest for superficial 'perfection' so much so that we forget to seek the kingdom of God.  That is the focus of the Pray in Weigh in. 

We may continue to work diligently to reach our 'weight' goals but its only a small part of our goal.  It can only be a small part of our goals.  If it is the only focus then when we fall short in it, we will slip and fall away...usually about 8 days into our new 'regimen'.  So many 'resolutions' have already fallen by the wayside.  But the Word of God says only what you do for God will stand.  That may seem like an oxymoron - losing weight for God.  But we are not doing it 'FOR' God, we are doing it 'WITH' God.  For with God all things are possible.

Charlotte, NC Pray in Weigh in
Saturday Jan 15th, 2011
301 W. 24th Street
9am - Back to Eden breakfast to-go will be provided.
Please be on time.  We will need to be done by 9:30am. 

Prayer:  God, continue to use me as an instrument of your peace.  Continue to show us your will and your desire for our wholeness.  Help us to be resolute in our service to you.  Continue to unite us so that we can lean and depend on one another for strength and turn to you in every area of our lives.  We surrender ourselves to you Lord for our daily bread and for direction in our lives.  We know that without you we can do nothing but with you we can do ALL things

Special Prayer:  Lord, continue to bless Shelly in VA. Continue to show the prayer warriors that they are the righteous and their prayers are required daily.  Special prayer for CD that you bless her with the desire of her heart and that you answer her prayers for a husband Lord.  She is diligent and a mighty woman of God.  You said in your word that you would withhold from her no good thing.  In Jesus Name we pray...AMEN!

Thank you for all your birthday wishes and for your prayers for a speedy recovery for me.  I am so thankful that my sickness had and expiration date on it and that I have been delivered!! To God be the Glory!!  It is already alright. 

Reminder:  Text the word 'PRAY' to 704-493-2035 to received the conference call number for our weekday 6am prayer call.  God is truly setting the captives free on those calls.  Women from all over are joining and sharing and being delivered.  To God be the Glory!!!  It is ALREADY Alright!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Year

11 days in to a New Year.  Commercial after commercial of lose weight, exercise, eat this, do that and on and on and on.  So reminiscent of last year but with one big difference.  This is MY ANNIVERSARY!!  The anniversary of a new 'me'.  The anniversary of finally surrendering to God my issues and entanglements with food.  I can't even believe it.  I've never stayed the course this way.  To have lost weight and actually to have kept it off AND to top it off to have so many others working toward their own freedoms.

All the weight loss commercials did one thing for me in the past - AGGRAVATED the HECK out of me.  I felt so angry at the weight and then at the commercials themselves for selling me a dream.  But you know what, I realized that the commercials were all right.  Eat less, exercise more...period.  It works right?  Right?  RIGHT!  So why doesn't it work? Why didn't it work?  Because if I could have done that I WOULDN'T BE FAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! DUH!!!  So what works?  What works is getting the tools, learning the information, making a plan, putting it into action AND THEN SURRENDERING it all to God - daily. 

Back to Eden is so much more about turning to God in the midst of where I am than it is about what to eat, how to eat, and how much to exercise.  Most people don't admit to first.  Like any other 'diet' we learn what foods to eat and how often and what exercises to do but unlike a 'diet' we then submit ourselves to God in prayer, turning over to Him the things that we have been burying in our foods. 

Some of us use food to make us happy and some of us use food to make other people happy.  You wouldn't believe how many 'cakes' and 'pies' I heard being made and eaten over the holidays.  We used the holiday's as an excuse to just throw it all in and 'live' I heard some say. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Breakfast: Spinach, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Eggs

Delicious combination of yukon gold potatoes, sliced with spinach and onions & peppers.  Adorned with a fluffy side of scrambled egg beaters.  YUMMY!!

Exchanges:  1 carb A, 1 veggie A, 1 Protein A

Preheat skillet, spray with pam.  Add sliced potatoes, brown.  Add onions & peppers, brown.  Add spinach, lite salt, pepper, onion powder - cover.  Let cook on low for 15 mins.  Plate.

Spray and preheat pan.  scramble eggs.   Add to plate and enjoy!