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Friday, February 18, 2011


She makes her way in darkness.  Hiding in the shadows, lurking in the night.  In her mirror, her own image is distorted.  She doesn't see the strength and the power and the beauty that God has created in her.  All she can see right now, are the mistakes from her past, the failures of her present and the bleakness of her future.  But deep inside, there is a flicker, a small light.  She begins to press past all the surface issues of who she is and all she's done...and she reaches him.  The water streams down her face as she cowers, kneelling at his feet, letting go of all the pain, hurt, emptiness, lonliness and despair that she has, allowing it to flow freely from her eyes so much so that it washes over his feet.  Gingerly, she lets down her hair and begins to wipe away the rain of her tears and in the midst of it realizes that she has experienced a great release. 

She suddenly feels lighter and tomorrow looks brighter.  Yesterday still was and today still is but there is a bigger flame, an increase in hope for the future.  (Luke 7:37-38 reference)

We have realized together that weight is merely a result of so much more.  For me, the issues surrounding it are much more than an affinity for food.  I do like food, but that's not it.  I so often substitute food for strength (emotional - not physical).  No matter how I feed and feed and stuff and stuff it does not strengthen me for to give me strength it would encourage me to move forward, allow me to lift up and get up.  But what it does is the exact opposite.  Used improperly food imposes a sedentary lifestyle upon us that is almost paralyzing.  Putting food in its proper place and seeking God for the strength that I need is much more logical.  Casting my cares at the feet of Christ is a lot more promising then placing them in a bag of oreos.

Upcoming events:
Pray in Weigh in - March 12th, 2011 @ 9:30 am (I will be there at 9am for those of you who have a 9:30 appt.)

Recipe of the Day
Mahogany Chicken and Vegetables over Jasmine Rice

Lord, thank you for accepting us for who we are.  Help us to see in ourselves what you see in us.  Give us the strength to overcome even our own thoughts and cast down every negative thought that attempts to attach itself to us.  Lord with open hearts we give you ourselves.  Exactly as we are.  Not trying to clean it up or make it perfect on our own, but presented to you in all honesty so that you can bring about a real transformation in us.  Help us Lord to be honest with you, to come to you with our earnest prayers, knowing that you hear us and believing that you will answer us.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

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