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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Exposed - Part I

Exposed - Part I
The pressure reveals the cracks

God doesn't expect perfection from us He wants us to desire perfection (in Him) and then He GIVES it to us. (Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled. Matthew 5:6)

Hiding comes in so many forms. Some hiding is so second nature that we are hard pressed to even recognize it for what it is. How can hiding be in plain sight? All the laughter and pleasantries worn like a mask. Fear looming deep inside that she may really be found out. Or even the hidden parts that we didn't even realize were there? The things we either thought were already overcome or never even realized the were an issue? Hiding.

Our roads were recently redone in front of our house. Before they put on the new layer of asphalt the crews went about tearing up spots up and down the road restoring and refilling them. We didnt understand why they were doing this patchwork repair. We actually thought that was all they were going to do, patchwork. That they were either too cheap or too lazy to just 'do the job right' which in our eyes was to either tear up the whole thing or just put a new layer of asphalt on top.

How similar is this to the way I think of myself. Either I'm totally not worth saving (working for, committing to, believing in) and I want to just give up. Or I want to put on a coverup and bury the imperfections deep beneath the surface.  But here is where the aha moment comes...the reason they could not just put the new layer of asphalt on top of the old without first addressing the 'trouble spots' was because if they did that the pressure of the top layer would cause the under layer to crack.

It's ok to stay right there for a moment, I did.  We'll talk again later. Love you guys.

Special honor and thanks to the angel of the Lord Rev. Love me like:) you know who you are.  Thank you for just being you! You remind me to keep searching, to never give up, to believe in my success more than my failure, to not just throw out the baby (myself) with the bathwater. Double blessings on you, your ministry and your good success.

Meanwhile...Keep walking on water!
Rev. Lisa Thatch - A Caring Professional

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

1995 and the best day of our life

It was a brisk day in February. We had only been in Charlotte for short time, yet our lives had already changed so much. I had left the drugs behind on the road from NYC. The bible belt had intervened in our lives so much so that my head was spinning. Married. Whew...sooner than I thought I'd be but that was of no concern to our land lord who insisted on the  marriage license before turning over any keys to us. A different world we came to. People waved as we drove by. Spoke when we were in line. Just so different from the Bronx that I left. Different, but good. I had always felt out of place back home. I loved it, don't get me wrong. But I've been a friendly and familiar person all my life. 

Never met a stranger. Today would be no different. Or so I thought. Driving around the corner, on one of our weekly weekend explorations, we saw a beautiful, smiling, chubby teenager, sitting on her porch, smiling and waving like we were just who she was waiting for.  We pulled over and asked her for directions to the closest Payless:) my new husband and I smiled as we got our first taste of 'Charlotte directions' not a single street name or number in the whole dissertation. She amusingly described navigating the streets with a combination of house colors, mr. So and so will be on his porch, cross over the railroad tracks, go past the corner store, etc. believe it or not, WE FOUND IT- LOL. 

Finding our way back home was made simpler by all the colorful directions she had given us. And it was made even more special as we pulled up,close to home and she was right there waiting to see our purchases. With her mothers permission, she came home with us, to examine all our wares and keep us entertained and amused with her playful way and joyful attitude. She was a breath of fresh air in our lives. 

It became a daily occurrence that our lovely girl would make an appearance. Ours became a second home to her. I wonder if she knew how much we looked forward to her visits.  She was my joy. I thank God for allowing us to have her in our lives. I smile when I think of her laughing and silliness. When she was learning to cook. Even when she fearfully announced that she was pregnant. I wonder if she thought we could love her less if she wasn't perfect. We loved her no less. Never will. Never could. She's filled our lives with ups and downs, sadness and joy, but the sadness is but a pale shadow in comparison to the joys she's given us. She became the perfect big sister to him, though we worried she might feel displaced. She loved him and doted on him like a proud little momma. She became a young woman, with children of her own, each one of them giving us the gift of see one or more of her qualities. They keep us in stitches, watching them grow, learn, succeed, fail, fall, get up, and overcome. She is my gift from God. My first daughter. 

I didn't want to wait for a birthday or daughters day or any day because tomorrow is not promised. I just want to say today, that I love you. Period.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Defeated. Loser. Failure. Coward. Useless. Quitter.  Ineffective. Hopeless. Worthless.

You probably started reading those words and wanted to look away. Or you may have started shaking your head in the affirmative, yeah, that's me. You may be staring now at them and feeling overwhelmed by the heaviness and weight of them saying, I don't need this negativity in my life right now. But then if you take a moment to be honest with yourself you may admit that this is the mantra that you are allowing to play in your mind. It is the sole tune on the playlist of your inner dialogue and you wonder why you are still exactly where you are or even worse further back than where you started.

"Sticks and stones", they said. "These are just words", you try to say to yourself using that weak watered down rhetoric to overcome the inner oppression that makes you feel like you are wearing a lead vest that you can't win for losing.  That you never had a chance. That the odds where stacked against you.  That you lost before you ever began.  That you would have been better off if you had not even been born.  That even if you did have a chance to be successful it's too late now. That you missed your chance.

I usually don't allow myself to spend this much time stating the negative, seeping and sinking into the pit of self pity and wallowing there even in my writings.  But this time is different. God wanted me to make sure that some one on the brink of doom, in despair, on the verge of giving up, someone like a matter of fact, God wanted to be sure that those of us who HAVE given up get this.

The race is not given to the strong or to the swift but to them that endure to the end.

Where we are right now, it's only the end if we allow it to be. 

I refused to write.  I refused to write because I no longer had faith in myself to lead through my writings. Interestingly, that is both where the devil wanted me to be and where God NEEDED me to be. Although I 'know' (head knowledge) that I am nothing apart from God, I also 'know' (experiential knowledge) that I 'feel' (uh oh watch out) more effective when I am SEEING the manifestation. So when the plateaus came and the situations came and the obstacles came and the pounds came then my 'feelings' failed. You see I was walking by sight and not by faith.

(Whew, this has become one of the chapters of the book that I have not written, in my disobedience, in my lack of faith - I'll need to spend some time addressing that later with myself & God).

Nevertheless, the enemy would have won had I not come across this little, tiny, powerful piece of scripture: "Yet where I am weak there am I made strong." (you can shout right here, because I am. Don't worry, I'll wait........)

Hallelujah!  In this failure, God is unlocking His invaluable lessons. First, don't do it without me. Secondly, don't do it without me. And thirdly, since you can't do it without me....don't do it without me. Amen. The other lesson is one that I almost always miss. That is, stop listening to what others say about you (even yourself-LISA!) Replace that self chatter with what God says about you.

It really is who you really are even if YOU don't believe it. The enemy is trying to convince you otherwise and he's so desperate to do so because HE knows that as soon as you get it...he is defeated!

The mighty man of valor, Gideon was cowering on the threshing floor when God called him 'Mighty man of Valor'! Mighty man of valor was who he was! Period point blank end of story.  Mighty man of Valor. If he had never lived up to becoming a Mighty man of Valor that would still be who he is, a Mighty man of Valor, because God is not a man that he should lie. And when he got it (that he was indeed a Mighty man of Valor)....HE BECAME IT! (in case you don't know what 'it' is - A MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR!!)

Be who God says you are. Tell yourself a hundred times a day until you believe it.  A THOUSAND TIMES A DAY. Faith comes by hearing and HEARING by the word of God. Just do it. Start over again TODAY. I was going to say. "I dare you" but I believe I'll say, "I IMPLORE YOU"!

Eden citizens, those that are already in this subscription, just send me an email with your body type and I will send you a copy of your plan and profile and we will start again today.  With God all things are possible.  Even if you never got a plan before - you can have it free today because that's what God is instructing me in my spirit.  I need you as much as you think you need me.  Together we win. 

I know for a fact (now) that God did not bless this ministry of health and healing and weight loss because of 'me' fortunately He did it in spite of me. Pray for my strength in the Lord as I do likewise.

Meanwhile...Keep walking on water!
Rev. Lisa Thatch - A Caring Professional
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Green Eyes

Proverbs 27:4

New International Version (NIV)
 4 Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming,
   but who can stand before jealousy?

You are probably wondering what 'jealousy' has to do with weight.  So am I, but I can't seem to get away from the thought.  So, I'm exploring it right here with you and hopefully, by the time I finish writing, we'll all have some idea as to what it has to do with weight.

What is 'jealousy'?  Webster defines it as " Jealous - Resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another persons success or advantage itself."

 Not one of those 'feelings' defines how I feel.  or does it?  I always prided myself on not being one of those 'silly women' who can't stand to see another woman succeed or achieve her hearts desire.  I am encouraged by the success of my sisters.  Whatever their 'accomplishment', in my heart I feel pride for them.  I'm glad for them.  In my mind, I know that what God has for me is for me.  So the fact that they have it first or in abundance or even in addition to me only affirms my faith.  

Or does it? Don't put yourself in my shoes if this is not you...but the back of me or deep inside of me...I'm tired.  I'm frustrated with being the 'cheering squad' or the 'bigger person'.  I want to be the one.  But I also know what God is creating with me and for me is a process (that doesn't make it easier - remember, I'm walking through this thought with you, right now, so I may change my own mind at any point.  Please bear with me.)

So what do I do with this 'emotion' God?  How do I keep it from turning me into something or someone that I am not or at least someone that I don't want to be?  Jealous.  That's not who I am. is how I feel.  Wow...I said it.  I FEEL JEALOUS.  O M G!!  I said it again!!!  I FEEL JEALOUS!! lightening bolts?  no...hell fire?  Wait a minute?  I said, I 'feel' jealous.  and its true.  It is how I feel.  Its not who I am.  I am not consumed by it (except when I am trying to ignore my feelings).  Its just how I 'feel'.  Actually, I just realized I said, 'I feel jealous' and not 'I AM jealous'.  Because truthfully, logically, I am not a 'jealous' person.  But where are the 'feelings' coming from?

Seems to me, now that I am allowing myself permission to 'feel jealous' I can actually address the 'why'.  Hmmm...still thinking.  (yeah, K, I know, I'm talking to myself - out loud - in writing -  you got a problem with that?) Anyway, why do I feel jealous?  Do I want what someone else has?  Do I feel displaced by what someone else is doing?  Am I tired of not having what I want?  Probably a little of all of those things.  But what keeps me from falling?  or What will keep me from being consumed by jealousy? (BTW - I feel the tension leaving my shoulders even as I write, so I think I'm on to something).  If I think back (fortunately - way back) I'd probably alienate the person I was jealous of, probably make them my enemy.  Allow them to be the target of my anger, my venom.  But that's not me anymore.  So instead, I still have the anger, the venom but what do I do with it?  I turn it inward.  I allow myself to seethe because I cannot respond the way that I feel I want to.  So in essence I punish myself.  The tension creeps into my back, my stress levels accelerate.  I become short and erratic all AT MYSELF.  

then...I have to Me.

And how do I do that?.....................WITH FOOD! (wow..ok, ok, I'm listening)

So, what am I supposed to do with these feelings, these emotions?  I don't want to give them to God.  I am ashamed of them.  I don't even want to talk any one about them, let alone God.  I am ashamed.  (loooooooonnnnnnnngggggg pause here).  I      AM        ASHAMED.  But I haven't even done anything.  I'm just feeling jealous.  I haven't done anything to anyone.  I haven't said anything to anyone or treated anyone in the wrong way.  I just felt.  So why am I ashamed?  

Because I hurt.  I did HURT someone - me.  

I'm trying so hard not to do or say or be a certain thing that I am allowing myself to do those exact things to 'me'.  I didn't even acknowledge 'me' when I was let down, sad, overlooked, intentionally or unintentionally shorted.  All I did was focus on making sure I didn't hurt anyone else.  I treated 'Me' so badly that 'Me' began to rebel.  'Me' is tired of being overlooked in the care department.  'Me' is going to get some attention one way or the other.  So I try to apologize to 'Me'.  What can I do for 'Me'.  'I' placate 'Me' with food.  But that's not what 'WE' need.  We need acknowledgement. We need to respect ALL 'OUR' FEELINGS.  I don't have to 'act' on them.  But I do have to give myself permission to 'feel' them.  

What does this have to do with weight loss?  You decide.  But I certainly feel much lighter now. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So funny how easy it is to get convinced that you shouldn't do what you are doing.  Or that you can't do what you are already doing.  I have been finding it so difficult to talk, minister and encourage on health and eating and exercise and proper nutrition because I have been dealing with people who have issues that are seemingly just so much more important.

Job loss, unemployment, health issues, foreclosures, wayward children, wayward spouses, anger management issues, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and on and on and on...How can I, in the face of such extreme and serious stuff can I talk about carrots and exercise?  And then God spoke to me.  Back to Eden is really about taking care of the thing we CAN do while you trust God to handle all the things we can't.  God makes provision for us, every day.  But He also has given us an example of the importance of taking care of ourselves.  When things get tough the first thing most of us cut out of our daily lives is the things for 'us' only.  We have been taught that 'selfish' is a dirty word.  Even though the etymology of the word selfish is anything but.  The word 'selfish' was meant to indicate 'caring for oneself'.  It evolved to have negative connotations and is often defined as 'caring ONLY for oneself'. 

So if that word 'selfish' doesn't sit well with you, get rid of it.  Let's use a different word, 'self-care'.  We have biblical substantiation for 'self-care'.  Jesus, himself, made sure to take time to 'minister to himself', if you will.  He gave and gave to the followers, disciples and his friends and loved ones.  But he also took time to care for himself.  When we find him walking on the water out to the ship - its because he was off by himself.  When we see him asleep in the bottom of the boat before they woke him - its because he was off by himself.  When we find him sitting by the well right before asking the woman to give him drink - its because he was off by himself.  Even when he went to the garden and took the 3 with him - he went off by himself.  The one who gave His ALL for us, took time for himself. 

Making healthy choices, getting enough rest, drinking enough water, eating the right foods, in the proper portion at the proper frequency are about 'taking time for yourself' - Just like Christ.  I hope today, before you reach for that soda or that hamburger or sitting in front of the TV instead of taking a walk, or choosing to eat instead of skipping a meal to finish your work, you will ask yourself, 'What would Jesus do?" and then remind yourself that you are worth it.  You can't take care of everyone who relies and depends on you if you don't take care of yourself.  

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Meanwhile...keep walking on water.
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Monday, February 6, 2012


We all have them.  Songs have even been written about them.  Some of our fears don't even follow logic.  I read about a woman who has a fear of stuffed animals - an inanimate object.  What about those fears that are somewhat founded - a fear of snakes?  or how about the one that hides and lurks in the backs of so many of our minds...the fear of failure? 

God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  (2Tim1:7)

Overcoming our fears is not often something we can do on our own.  Some of our fears are so deep rooted that we don't even acknowledge them and even the world says 'You cannot change that which you do not acknowledge.'  Some of the 'overcoming' that we need to do needs to begin with some 'soul searching'.  I used to be a smoker.  As a smoker, I used to smell like cigarettes and I had a smoker's cough.  I could treat those symptoms - I washed my hair frequently and used various cough suppressants and I could temporarily remove (or disguise) the effects of my problem.  My real problem.  The REAL problem was NEVER the cough or the funky hair.  It was the cigarettes.  (I could go deeper and actually show that the cigarettes were not the 'root' cause either, but for the purposes of this get the point). 

Obesity and being overweight is NOT THE ROOT CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEM.  It is a symptom.  We can treat 'symptoms' but we can't 'CURE' them because THEY ARE SYMPTOMS.  (You can't 'cure' a symptom you can only MASK it).  And to be brutally honest, we spend too much time trying to 'cover up' our symptoms and don't give ANY attention at all the the problems.  We wanna find a quick fix to the 'fat':  Juicers, prepared/pre-packaged food, ultra exercise, fasting, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah - who ever EVERY SINGLE THING out there is only meant to treat the symptom - our fat. 

But the root cause for many of us is that we don't value ourselves.  Yes, you'll disagree.  "I love myself' we say.  'I'm the' or 'I love me some me'.  But just like the word of God says, 'If you love me, keep my commands' if we REALLY loved us we'd be doing what we need to do to get and be and STAY healthy.  It takes EFFORT!  YES!!!  But aren't you worth it?  Or are you just afraid that you'll fail why bother to try?

I'd like to hear your answers...Don't worry - I'll wait...

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back on Track to Eden: Goal Setting 1-2-3

For Your Health:
Goal-Setting 1-2-3
If you didn't succeed with your 2011 resolution, then you need to do something different to succeed with 2012's. Try these three steps (and four bonus tips!) to set and meet your New Year's goal.

If you're trying to lose weight, you probably already have a good idea of where you want to be: back in your old jeans with the 34" waist, or in your favorite size-6 dress, for instance. But let's hold off on that long-term goal to start...

1. Create an Action Plan

Before you get too attached to a goal weight and a target date, set an Action Plan. That is, decide what you will realistically do to achieve your goal. How often will you exercise? What dietary changes will you make?

An Action Plan takes the guesswork out of your resolution. It doesn't just answer 'what' and 'when' like a goal does; an Action Plan tells you 'how.' It also prevents you from 'resolving' to lose too much weight, too soon, which will only discourage you.

Better still, an Action Plan defines success by your efforts every day: if you follow your plan (get to the gym and have fresh fruit for dessert, for example) you've succeeded! By contrast, even a realistic long-term goal may leave you waiting for months before you can say "I did it!"

To help you stick to your Action Plan, write it down; putting it in black and white helps steel your resolve. Then notify your support network - your friends, family, and anyone you can count on for positive reinforcement.

2. Set a Long-term Goal

Give your Action Plan a couple of weeks. Once you know how effective it is - how much progress you make when you follow it - you can then figure out how long it will really take to reach your final goal. In other words, you can now set a fact-based Long-term Goal.

To set that Long-term Goal, you can either proceed with - or revise - your Action Plan. For example, if your final goal is to lose 20 pounds, and your Action Plan shed one pound a week, then you can either:

Set a Long-term Goal to stay the course for 20 weeks total, or...
Revise your Action Plan for more activity and fewer calories to get their sooner.
3. Set your 1st Short-term Goal

While you work toward achieving your Long-term Goal, you should set Short-Term Goals to keep you excited along the way.

If your Long-term Goal will take six months to achieve, then you might plan a series of one-month goals (i.e. double what your Action Plan tells you that you can achieve in two weeks).

Plus 4 Tips to Keep You on Track

▪ Be patient with yourself. It may take longer than expected, and it will certainly take longer than you'd like. If you didn't gain it overnight, then don't expect to lose it overnight either.

Also, consider how long you waited to start. If you're like most people, you procrastinated for longer than the resolution itself will take to achieve! If you've already proven that you can be patient with getting nowhere, then being patient with progress should be easy.

▪ Be forgiving if you have a few setbacks. Most of us do. It's your ability to get back in the saddle that will make the difference!

▪ Remind yourself why you're doing this. You might put an appropriate photo or Post-It note where you'll see it regularly:

Want to fit your old jeans? Then choose a picture of yourself from when you could; or hang the jeans near your refrigerator!
Trying to dodge a family history of heart disease? Then perhaps pick a photo of a loved one who suffered from it.
Tired of getting winded climbing the stairs? Then post words of encouragement at the top and bottom of those stairs.
▪ Reward yourself for each Short-term Goal that you achieve. Don't reward with anything that will slow your progress. (Hopefully, your Action Plan allows a little leeway for you to enjoy some of your favorite foods, though less often and in smaller quantities).

You could buy yourself something, but instead, reward with an experience. Research into happiness tells us that money spent on an event brings more satisfaction than money spent on a thing. So take a friend out to dinner, go dancing, get a massage, or do whatever you find fun and don't do often enough.

Of course, getting and staying fit is its own reward. It helps you feel better, fills you with pride, and signals your body to release mood-boosting hormones for an all-natural 'high.' We all want to enjoy the finer things in life; just remember that physical activity is one of them.