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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So funny how easy it is to get convinced that you shouldn't do what you are doing.  Or that you can't do what you are already doing.  I have been finding it so difficult to talk, minister and encourage on health and eating and exercise and proper nutrition because I have been dealing with people who have issues that are seemingly just so much more important.

Job loss, unemployment, health issues, foreclosures, wayward children, wayward spouses, anger management issues, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and on and on and on...How can I, in the face of such extreme and serious stuff can I talk about carrots and exercise?  And then God spoke to me.  Back to Eden is really about taking care of the thing we CAN do while you trust God to handle all the things we can't.  God makes provision for us, every day.  But He also has given us an example of the importance of taking care of ourselves.  When things get tough the first thing most of us cut out of our daily lives is the things for 'us' only.  We have been taught that 'selfish' is a dirty word.  Even though the etymology of the word selfish is anything but.  The word 'selfish' was meant to indicate 'caring for oneself'.  It evolved to have negative connotations and is often defined as 'caring ONLY for oneself'. 

So if that word 'selfish' doesn't sit well with you, get rid of it.  Let's use a different word, 'self-care'.  We have biblical substantiation for 'self-care'.  Jesus, himself, made sure to take time to 'minister to himself', if you will.  He gave and gave to the followers, disciples and his friends and loved ones.  But he also took time to care for himself.  When we find him walking on the water out to the ship - its because he was off by himself.  When we see him asleep in the bottom of the boat before they woke him - its because he was off by himself.  When we find him sitting by the well right before asking the woman to give him drink - its because he was off by himself.  Even when he went to the garden and took the 3 with him - he went off by himself.  The one who gave His ALL for us, took time for himself. 

Making healthy choices, getting enough rest, drinking enough water, eating the right foods, in the proper portion at the proper frequency are about 'taking time for yourself' - Just like Christ.  I hope today, before you reach for that soda or that hamburger or sitting in front of the TV instead of taking a walk, or choosing to eat instead of skipping a meal to finish your work, you will ask yourself, 'What would Jesus do?" and then remind yourself that you are worth it.  You can't take care of everyone who relies and depends on you if you don't take care of yourself.  

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Meanwhile...keep walking on water.
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