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Monday, February 6, 2012


We all have them.  Songs have even been written about them.  Some of our fears don't even follow logic.  I read about a woman who has a fear of stuffed animals - an inanimate object.  What about those fears that are somewhat founded - a fear of snakes?  or how about the one that hides and lurks in the backs of so many of our minds...the fear of failure? 

God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  (2Tim1:7)

Overcoming our fears is not often something we can do on our own.  Some of our fears are so deep rooted that we don't even acknowledge them and even the world says 'You cannot change that which you do not acknowledge.'  Some of the 'overcoming' that we need to do needs to begin with some 'soul searching'.  I used to be a smoker.  As a smoker, I used to smell like cigarettes and I had a smoker's cough.  I could treat those symptoms - I washed my hair frequently and used various cough suppressants and I could temporarily remove (or disguise) the effects of my problem.  My real problem.  The REAL problem was NEVER the cough or the funky hair.  It was the cigarettes.  (I could go deeper and actually show that the cigarettes were not the 'root' cause either, but for the purposes of this get the point). 

Obesity and being overweight is NOT THE ROOT CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEM.  It is a symptom.  We can treat 'symptoms' but we can't 'CURE' them because THEY ARE SYMPTOMS.  (You can't 'cure' a symptom you can only MASK it).  And to be brutally honest, we spend too much time trying to 'cover up' our symptoms and don't give ANY attention at all the the problems.  We wanna find a quick fix to the 'fat':  Juicers, prepared/pre-packaged food, ultra exercise, fasting, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah - who ever EVERY SINGLE THING out there is only meant to treat the symptom - our fat. 

But the root cause for many of us is that we don't value ourselves.  Yes, you'll disagree.  "I love myself' we say.  'I'm the' or 'I love me some me'.  But just like the word of God says, 'If you love me, keep my commands' if we REALLY loved us we'd be doing what we need to do to get and be and STAY healthy.  It takes EFFORT!  YES!!!  But aren't you worth it?  Or are you just afraid that you'll fail why bother to try?

I'd like to hear your answers...Don't worry - I'll wait...

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