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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


He sat by almost 4 decades sitting by waiting for a 'healing' waiting for a 'deliverance' waiting for a 'breakthough'.  Hoping day by day that someone would come along and 'help him' to get where he thought the answers were.  He had heard the answer is in this fad or that fad or this remedy or that remedy just seeking and searching but not finding.  Then Jesus asked him a simple question that unlocked a rhema moment for me...'Will you be made whole?'  Wow.  It can't be that simple, um, I mean...I've been doing this and doing that but, trying all I could, even when no one would help me, I couldn't do it, I've been 'trying', such and such is my 'weakness', 'it can't be my fault' and the excuses continue (wo is me...yeah, I hear me)  But Jesus says in so many words, 'the jig is up' if you want it, GET UP, PICK UP YOUR COMFORTABLE PLACE and WALK in your VICTORY.  OUCH...and AMEN. 

Because my first thought was, dang...that was kinda cold Jesus.  I mean he was 'trying'.  He showed up, day after day hanging out by the water, waiting for his 'turn'.  Didn't that count for something?  GET UP, TAKE YOUR BED AND WALK!  Plain and simple, if you want it, like Nike - JUST DO IT.  As much pity as I wanted to have for the main character in this biblical story, what helped me the most is, even though he'd been going there almost 4 decades, even though he'd been waiting for the 'healing' to come by the troubling of the water, even though I thought, how could he already have his healing and be so 'short sighted' as to not operate in it, even though I figured (now that of course I knew the end of the story) that he may have been his own worst enemy, even though all of these things about him may be true the best part is that when he GOT it he GOT IT!!!

Even though it took him almost 40 years to get his breakthrough moment it was HIS!  It did not have an expiration date on it.  God had set aside his healing for him and maybe he had missed it all those years but it was still HIS and when his mind was opened up and he was called to action he was able to WALK in his healing!  in his deliverance!  In his VICTORY!!   (John 5:1-18 paraphrased)

This gives me great encouragement.  I know I get 'stuck' in my 'waiting' and 'looking' for the miracles of God.  Looking at the scale and seeing the same number that I thought would be gone forever.  I got a tremendous breakthrough just realizing that even in my own limited thinking, beliefs and understanding even I can't NEGATE what God has for me!  I can however, DELAY it.  That was what stuck out to me as well.  I'll keep thinking on this as I MOVE into the destination that God has promised.

Confetti Pasta (I just called it this cuz its so colorful:)
1 cup of twisted rice noodle rotini - cooked per package directions
1 strips pre-cooked chicken breast
2 shrimps
1/2 turkey sausage (left overs work nicely for the proteins)
1/4 c red onions sliced thin
1/4 c yellow, red, green onions sliced thin
3 cherry tomatoes (halved)
1/4 cup of tomato sauce (jar sauce works fine, choose low sodium)
parsley garnish

Spray a non-stick pan with Pam and pre-heat.  Stir fry the veggies until onions are translucent.  Toss in the proteins.  Top on the pasta and put the sauce on top.  Garnish with parsley.  DELICIOUS and it takes about 5 mins to make from start to finish.  You can make it for the family also.  I like to make everyone's separately because no one likes the same 'stuff' in their pasta so you can add or leave out whatever you want. YUMMY!!! and QUICK!!!
Extra Recipe:
Breakfast Smoothie
Pineapple - Mango YUMM
4 oz - Almond Milk
2 oz - Frozen Pineapple
2 oz - Frozen Mango (Trader Joes has BOTH this week and they are JUST frozen fruit and sooooo sweet!)
2 pkts of splenda (to taste)
couple ice cubes

Blend and enjoy!  If you need a carb, u know me, just add oatmeal or cream of wheat.  You can use a protein powder if you need a protein, but I just eat a piece of chicken strip with mine:)

Prayer:  Lord, help us to walk in the victories you have given us.  Help us to walk into the promises of God and the purposes you have given us.  We thank you for your grace that allows us to get into the game and walk in our victory no matter what point we finally GET IT.  It doesn't matter how old we are or how far behind we may feel, when we allow you to be the wind beneath our wings we are able to take flight and SOAR!

In Jesus name we pray.  Amen!

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