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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lost it? Find it!

How did you manage to lose it? 

In the process of spring cleaning the temple of the Lord, the priest Hilkiah, 'found' the book of the law (2 Kings 22:8.  I found that statement very odd.  My first thoughts were, 'where they do that at?'  LOL.  I mean, we are talking about the 'temple of the Lord' right?  Surely, if they don't know where ANYTHING is at, they know where the 'Book of the Law' is kept right?  Notsomuch.  So of course my second thought was, how irresponsible is that priest.  I mean, he is a priest right?  His job, among other things was to meditate and read the 'Book of the Law'.  I got real upset with Hilkiah.  What a lazy, irresponsible priest he was.  He had one job.  And here he is, acting all brand new, talking about 'I found the book of the law'.  I thought, 'shoot, I would have kept that information to myself'.  I would not have put my irresponsibility on blast like that.  ssshhhhhhhh.....our little secret Lord.  But not Hilkiah.  He ran out and got Shaman, the scribe and told him.  I thought equally odd that Shaman didn't know where the 'Book of the Law' was either.  I thought it was his job to 'scribe' it.  He oughta know where it was too, shouldn't he? 

Then the Shaman went to the King and read the book to King Josiah.  The young king was MOVED into action.  That changed my thought around.  Nothing would have ever happened if Hilkaiah had not exposed his irresponsibility.  So as I read, I said - ouch Lord.  How can I move forward if I don't admit - even to myself - my own mistakes.  So funny, I had managed to put Hilkiah and Shaman in all kinds of irresponsible, untrustworthy, inconsistent categories but I was overlooking my own short comings.  Hiding and pretending not to know or that no one would notice.  I needed to own my own mistakes.  These 8lbs didn't come back because they missed me.  They came back because I put down the instructions that I had been walking in that made me successful in the first place.  Just like the children of Israel (in this case - Judah as the kingdom's had split).  I had gone off to do my own thing.  Thinking (or not thinking at all) that I would be able to maintain the same results WITHOUT putting forth the same efforts.


Joshua told the people what God told them to do.  (Joshua 1:8).  Meditate, day and night and DO all that is written therein.  THEN you would have good success.  (paraphrased).  Josiah returned to those directions and began with a vengence.  FIRST, to humble himself to God.  Then to propel himself into action.  Getting rid of everything that was a detriment to his success.  Not just putting it out but COMPLETELY destroying anything that was contrary to God.  We have a program that has worked for us.  We have seen the success.  We can get back on track.  Go, look for your back to eden 'book', put it into action.  Clean house and remove anything that may hinder you. Put the temple in order.

April 9th is our next 'Pray in Weigh in'.  I'd like to add a brisk walk/jog Downtown to that. 
We can meet at 9am @ RCM to weigh and then make our way to Morehead and back for some exercise and fellowship.  If anyone needs to get a new copy of their materials, just send me an email - and include your body type and I'll send it back to you.  If anyone needs some one on one time, give me a call, email or text.  We can do this.  We can be the Josiah generation. 

Congratulations time:
Cheryl R. - DOWN 10 LBS!!  I'm proud of you.  That exercise has definitely helped to get that weight moving in the right direction. 
Lisa T. - Down 3lbs (since yesterday!!!) Jogged 10k today in 1.5 hrs!

Reminder:  Get that water in!  It will work WONDERS to jump start your results. 

Prayer requests:
Lane Family - pray for the covenant of marriage.  Marriages are under attack and God alone is able to preserve them.  Ms. Wilhelmina - pray that God continue to increase her stregth.  She is already an overcomer!!  Porsha - pray that God give her special, special blessings as she celebrates her birthday and continues to grow into the woman of God that He has created her to be.  Kisha - Pray that God gives the angels charge concerning her as she takes her trip to the Holy Land.  That He keep her family in perfect peace and health until she return.  Barbara - Pray for traveling mercies.  Judy - Healing, complete and total!

Lord, continue to strengthen us to recognize the tricks of the adversary.  Help us to be able to twart him at his own game by calling him out and asserting the dominion you have given us over him.  Encourage us to seek your face daily for strength, direction, peace, help and refuge.  Remind us to lean not to our own understanding but to acknowledge you and let you direct our path.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

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