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Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to Eden Spa Day

Back to Eden Spa Day

Ladies, a wonderful day is planned for you.  It will include a brief Back to Eden presentation, a 30 minute massage, lunch, drinks and a facial.  You will be pampered with eucalyptus soaked cucumber slices for your eyes and a cool drink to enjoy inside or out. Your personal massage will be in the private area and accompanied by the full experience:  aromatic fragrance, soft glow candle lighting and soft relaxing music. 

Feel free to lounge about and fellowship after your massage (bring your robe) or go home and get into bed feeling refreshed and invigorated by the talented masseus hand selected and brought in just for you. 

The cost is $30, complete.  You know you can't even get a massage by itself for $30.  This will be an intimate fellowship so only the first 9 responders will be able to participate.  All monies must be received by 5/14/11 to reserve your place. 

This will take place on 5/28/11 from 1pm to 6pm in Charlotte, NC at my home.  (No boys will be here - all girl experience).  You will not need to be present for the entire day (unless you would like to).  Your massage will be 'scheduled' in advance so you will know when to arrive by to allow everyone to be able to take full advantage of their time.

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