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Monday, August 25, 2014

The ANGRY Road

I've been on this road for years now. It's been full of ups and downs. I try to keep my comments and observations as positive as possible but I'm finding that real people are dealing with real shit and they are in real need of some real talk. So in case you didn't realize it from the first expletive I dropped for you faint of heart it's about to get real. So here's where you are welcomed to get off.

everybody off...  Who is left? The nosey. The needy. And the ones that God (yes I said God) has decided that I should specifically mentor to. God created me. God is molding me. God is patient with me. I'm patient with most of you. Until I can't with you. God hasn't told me to be a doormat or a martyr. Neither is my calling though I've played one on TV for too many years that stage is well over.

Now, enough of the reintroductions. Either you are on the road with me or you are not. I'm good either way.

So, my current condition on the road 2 success? PISSED! I'm not having my needs met, I'm working very hard to meet the needs of others and I'm being abused and unappreciated by some. Well, that is I was. Until I decided I am not anymore.  It's not easy to stop being the 'victim' when you don't see yourself as such.  I always felt helping people was victimless because I enjoyed it and I appreciate being appreciated. But that's where the problem lies. Users don't APPRECIATE you they DEPRECIATE you! VICTIMLESS???? I say not. Unfortunately, I'm a 'joint' I like to be connected and I enjoy being part of the 'supply' so I keep getting sucked in. Until this moment. Right at this very moment I'm moving people around on my list of priorities and reclassifying them where they ought to be. Whole bunch of y'all in the 'get f@&ed' column. (Yeah, I said y'all cuz u also fall in that 'Nosey' class so I know you still reading). Well, catch an eyeful or an earful if you are having someone read this to your illiterate ass.  I'm a bit done.  Hope you got all you could cause the ride is over. Don't call, don't ask me how I'm doing. Please don't ask me what's wrong, because nothing is wrong, I'm full of right.

As for my prayer warrior sisters who really have my back, pray for me. Don't call me either, I don't want to accidentally give you a shot of something what belongs to someone else.  If you love me and you know my heart you will have only good things to say about me. If you don't, you will draw your own conclusions, make up some bullshit in your mind that someone hurt me or whatever and feel free to enjoy that. It's probably the only form of creative expression you have.

I am an artist and sometimes I have to deal with my darkness. Actually many of us have a dark side. Most of us prefer to hide it in a bottle, a bag of weed, in promiscuous sex or even by telling jokes. But the one thing I've learned from the recent days events is either face it and deal with it or bury it and it will bury your ass.  I choose to live.  Even if I have to kill some of y'all off to do so.

The Road 2 Success is REAL and filled with real stuff. It's not for everyone. We all won't make it and I'm no longer forcing or carrying anyone along with me.  Join me or step off. And please never forget there is more than one way to the top....this just happens to be mine.