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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Eden - Do Over!

2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Lemon on lime-be on time-make no excuses, give me 5-4-3-21...4-3-21...3-21...21...1!!!!
We used to play that game in the play ground when I was a little girl. Jumping through the rope to the tune, passing to the next level each time we successfully made it in, up, down and out of the rope without tripping. BUT! If along the way, at any point in the game, we messed had to start over from the BEGINNING. Even if we got all the way to '21' if we slipped or got tangled in the rope - back to square one. ARGH!!! So close!! Funny thing is, the more often we 'messed up' the better/closer we got to actually making it all the way through. Because each time we had to start over, we got a chance to 'hone' our skills at getting it right, if you will.

Starting over is a great thing! We often look at it like we are back at square one or as if we have 'failed' so we have to 'try again'. But the truth of the matter is, if we are willing to 'start over' then we have not failed! We only fail when we QUIT! I'm so excited about the sisters that want to 'start over' that I want to give you whatever support I can to get you focused on the path.

Our first 'start over' date is next Tuesday August 24th, 2010 @ Redemption (301 W. 24th Street, Charlotte, NC 28206) @ 7pm. A healthy dinner will be provided with a brief 'RAP' (Review All Pitfalls) of the program along with some 'sister/brother' time just to focus on our success. I need you to RSVP to me via email at or facebook so that I can be sure to have enough to feed you. Feel free to bring a friend, even if they are not on the program. I will be reaching out to some of you in Charlotte to help with the get together- every joint supplieth. (Newbees are welcome too - we can learn from each other). (We'll be brief - we'll eat, talk, pray all at the same time and out of there by 8:30pm)

I can't do it without you and you don't have to do it without me and none of us have to do it without God!

One more thing...I also remember getting to '1' and then getting cocky (hahaha - me cocky - NEVER) uh well, yeah...ok so, um...cocky! And when the battle was on, head to head with my girls start thinking I was cute and doing all kinds of tricks and lo and behold - O-U-T OUT! Don't be like me, remember Paul said don't think more highly of ourselves than we aught:)

Congratulations Time:
Kim J. almost down 40lbs so far and she is still doing the dern thang!! Way to go girl!
Pam D. down 8lbs in 14 days you go girl!! I'm proud of you on the 2nd go-round...u go girl!!
Marsharie I., working it out...keep that exercise up girl. We need to do a check in soon!
Rev.MJ - Off to a great start!! Keep that momentum going! Proud of you!!
BabyDoc-Need some status from you! I know the Lord has been using you delivering those precious babies, but we gotta take care of the sista too!
Judy D. - CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING YOUR GOAL!!! I'm proud of you my 'Cuqui'.
Philly - Hollar at your girl! Make some noise!
B'more - Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Kim is not alone up there!
DC - let me know how you holding partners!
Chi-town - y'all know I'm sending mad love ya way - prayers going up like incense.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for keeping us through another day another week another time. Lord we ask you to help us to look forward, press forward, go forward. Let us reclaim our place and our authority over the things that are attempting to keep us bound. We thank you for the VICTORY!!

Special Prayer for Audrey T. - My God is well able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ask or even think! I know that you are having ups and downs but God will not suffer your foot to be removed! The places God has you in right now are to be a blessing to all those that are surrounding you. Every appointment, every treatment, every - everything...Give God the Glory! I'll continue to hold you up in prayer!


  1. well jerri from Phila/ delaware wants to report that I am out of the 2"s forever, I am claiming that in the name of the Almighty, but my niece walked in my office loking slimful and I was eating chips, forgive me God, down but not out. I am keeping the faith and when the sisters meet again I amy either be a lot smaller or just smaller, but I am walkin nonetheless on water. luv yall jerri

  2. Alright Jerri!!! Thank you for the update and to God be the glory for your perseverence. Don't look back! The 2's are forever behind you as you continue to press forward. I'm so proud of you!

    Keep walking on water!!