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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bottoms Up!

The joys of the bottom....

O my God, not my children!  This must be 'bottom'.  Jesus, all my finances????  Gone?  This must be 'bottom'.  All of my inventory, everything I have - well, this must be 'bottom'.  What doctor?  I have a devastating and disfiguring illness?  This must be 'bottom'.  My wife, turning her back on me and telling me to go to hell....surely, this must be 'bottom'.  Ahhh....finally some comfort.  My three best friends, they are coming to sit with me and keep me company...but what?  huh?  No, I didn't do anything to deserve this...what are you all talking about?  Ask for forgiveness?  This is happening TO me.  I didn't do anything to deserve IT...o my God, my best friends, turning on me....this must be 'bottom'.

God! It would be better than I had never been born.  That I never even lived than to have had to go through all this.  THIS must be my BOTTOM! (The story of Job, paraphrased)

So often, 'the bottom' is just the 'worst' place you can imagine being in 'right now' but if you hold on, your bottom will do one of two things....get worse (if its not the 'real bottom' its time....GET BETTER!

You see sometimes the bottom can become the very catalyst, the accelerant, the conduit YOU need to get to the TOP!  I believe that the 'very bottom' is not a solid hard surface at all but more likely compared to a TAUGHT trampoline....hit it hard enough and you can reach the SKY!  The good thing about the 'real bottom' is there ain't no where to go but UP!  Sometimes, in our stubborn, hard-headedness we won't do right with out the 'bottom'. 

Many of us can't stop smoking...until we are diagnosed with emphysema or bronchitis (bottom).  We can't stop sleeping around....until we are left lonely and our bodies ravaged with disease (bottom).  We can't stop eating inappropriately....until we have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes (bottom).  We can't pray and spend time with God.....until our cable is turned off (bottom).

Oftentimes we just DON'T do right until we hit our 'bottom'.

Congratulations Time:

Congrats Ms. Jailynn , she's down 9inchs in 4 weeks!
Congrats KT - back on track with a vengence!  So proud of your progress!

I was so glad to see so many of you at the Pray in/Weigh in but I wish that there would have been more 'good reports'. Some stayed the same but many gained.  We can blame it on the holiday season or the turkey or the weather or whatever.  But the truth of the matter is, we just didn't reach our 'bottom' yet.  You see, when you hit bottom, it doesn't have to be 'bikini' season for you to want to be healthy.  When you hit 'bottom' it won't matter that since you have on so many clothes, you can add however many layers of 'fat/fluff' underneath.  When you hit 'bottom' you will be ignited and catapulted into a serious commitment. 

So....For many of us, New Year's is a 'false' bottom.  We will look back over our past years and look in the mirror and then 'decide' that we are going to do better.  We have to do better.  Problem is, it won't be the momentum of your own 'bottom' it will be the whirlwind of marketing and advertising from all of the gyms and eating programs that will lull you into a false sense of 'this is it, I'm gonna do it this year'.  Good for them.  Getting you motivated is half of the battle.  But it is not the war.  STAYING motivated and making a true commitment to yourself and your family...that's when you've done it.  Let's do something different this year.  Let's DO IT for real!

Recipe: Beef Lo-Mein

Back to Eden - Bring a Buddy.  If you have not signed up for your personal Back to Eden Program and would like to get started first the year, you can do it with a friend for $70.  That is a one time fee - $35/each.  (offer available until Jan 4th, 2010).  Contact me directly at 704-493-2035 or via email at  You will receive your blueprint, your personal eating program, your measurements/weight tracking sheet, the fast track plan, personal consultation and continue to receive emails and recipes and be able to participate in upcoming activities*.

2011 Back to Eden Activities
B2E Boot Camp
Back to Eden Warm Weather Retreat
2nd Annual Back to Eden Fall Retreat
Monthly Pray in/Weigh in
B2E Food-Prep Sessions
...and much more - stay tuned for dates. 

Side note:  Georgia and Maryland I'd like to come to your town and spend some time with you.  If you'd like me to come, please contact me so we can work it out and get it scheduled. 

Prayer:  Lord, allow us to remember the sacrifice you made in Jesus.  Remind us to show love and kindness to one another and to ourselves.  Help us to find peace in your will and joy in you.  Strengthen us to be serious in our commitments to you and to ourselves.  Lord, cover us as we endeavor to make a new start and a new day.  Bless us to keep you in the forefront of all we do.  In Jesus name, Amen!

*most activities are free to Back to Eden members or very reasonably priced.

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