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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

do you see what I see?

She held on to hope with every fiber of her being.  She reached out, feeling her arms were too short to reach God.  'How long', she cried, 'how long'!!  In her all her ________-something years, she's never felt whole, loved, complete.  She tried to get your attention, but you were busy.  She tried to do it on her own, but she was too broken.  She continued to travail and wail.  Then one day she put on a face.  A face so stern, so stoic, so somber.  A mask that no one could see past.  A look of indignation or aloofness.  You would see her and say, 'that's surely someone who wants to be alone'.  There is no 'welcome' in her visage.  'Some people just want to be left alone', you'd hear people say.  She'd continue to walk alone and her stoic expression soon would turn angry.  Eventually, all the self-loathing that she's internalized would be loosed on the people that she first reached out to.  She is angry - devalued - empty - broken.

Brokenness begins to give way to moments of despair.  Unable to reconcile herself to these overwhelming feelings of emptiness, lack of value, lack of worth, she almost allowed herself to slip away into the darkness.  She almost let go...

Thankfully, you realize, even though she needs finally understand - she needs YOU to get to HIM.

Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

This season especially magnifies emptiness in some of our brothers and sisters.  I'm thankful for peace and joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost but it has not always been so.  We have to help each other to be strong and feel loved. 
So often you hear the phrase 'comfort food' like the rich holiday fare we indulge in around this time of year.  But for some, overindulgence has become the 'coping' mechanism that they have used to keep from 'feeling'.  Instead of sharing 'food' with one another this year, let's go one better, share of 'yourself'. Be a listening ear, a prayer partner, a shoulder to lean on.  Go for a walk in the cool brisk air with a sister who might be sitting alone at lunch.  Or if outside is not your thing in the cold, mall-walking is the answer.  Just focus on one another and be God's hand extended.
Recipe:  Oven roasted butternut squash

This week's event:
Saturday 9am - Pray in/Weigh in
Fresh juice and smoothie's provided after prayer & weigh in
301 W. 24th Street, 28216

Daily prayer @ 6am Monday thru Friday
712-432-0232 passcode 813766#
We meet at 6am for about 30 mins.  Please feel free to join in to pray or just listen in.  Prayer changes things and where 2 or more are gathered He is in the midst of us.  Feel free to utilize & share this number at any point throughout the day to organize your own prayer group.  The more the better!

Prayer:  Lord, continue to make us an instrument of your peace.  As you help us to make sound decisions regarding our lives and our health, remind us that our spiritual health also requires nurturing.  We trust you Lord with all our cares and cast them on you.  Help us to pull down strongholds and cast down vain imaginations.  Remind us that we can trust you.  Remind us that You are the source of our strength and the strength of our life.  Keep us covered God.  REBUILD us.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Special prayer:  Thank you Lord for holding back the hand of the fowler.  Thank you that my sister is still in the land of the living.  Help me Lord to be instrumental in her REBUILDING.  Show her her value.  Restore you joy.  Amen.

If you know anyone who is interested in Back to Eden:  Eat to Lose - A Christian Approach to Weight Loss please send them to this link:  Back to Eden.  I look forward to connecting with your friends and family to help them to acheive their goals.  If your group is interested in a personal presentation please contact me directly at

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