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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Journey....continues

I started off 2010 in a funk.  I felt that I had been overcome by my weight issues and didn't think I would ever find my way out of it.  I had fired my trainer (thank God she took me back) and finally decided to tell God that either HE himself could take this fat off of me or  I was just gonna be FAT.  With that first 'surrender' He began to work a work in me that took me from size 22 to size 14 in a few short months.  But He didn't stop April, at a Girls Get-A-Way retreat, through my testimony to many of you He began to birth a new thing in us.  Through 'Back to Eden' He gave me many of you and we began to walk together in your deliverance and in your victories over your weight.  Walking together we realized that so much of our 'issues' manifest themselves in extemperanous ways and that TOGETHER we were able to begin to overcome them and lose weight together.

The year continued and was full of more ups and downs then I thought I could ever be capable of living through.  I often joked with God. I told Him several times that He had my address wrong and had somehow mixed me up with Superman because the things that were happening were WAY WAY WAY out of my league.  I can remember almost faintly hearing my Lord chuckling, afar off.  Not maliciously but endearingly, like a father who is watching His child learn how to ride a bike.  Yes, she may fall and scrape her knee, but He would never allow anything horrible to happen to her.  Even as I cried, my way through, He was right there.  Picking me up, dusting me off but putting me right back on that bike.  I wanted off the bike, to be honest.  I didn't care if I EVER learned how to ride.  It was quite overrated.  I quit.  Lots of folks don't ride bikes.  WHATEVER.  I'll walk.

Yeah, but no.  It ain't over.  Fast forward to October.  I can't WAIT to meet some of you again or for the first time.  The Cane Creek Retreat.  In the midst of all the excitement and planning, I had yet another crisis at home.  All I could do was give it over to God and keep going.  "God, how on earth can you trust me with all of this?  I'm about to drop it all over the place and let everyone down!" I shouted to Him.  'Why NOW!"  His response, "Trust me,".  'Trust me?" That's what you say to the consummate control freak (ha!)  um, ok...I have no choice.  I left home and made my way to the creek, praying all the way and having to 'trust' God.  Very much easier said than done.  But to God be the glory, He stepped in and we had a GLORIOUS time.  One that was as much for me as it was for you all.  But it wasn't over. 

It had only just begun.  On Nov. 1st, I came across a prayer thingy...'31 days of Prayer for your Husband'.  Nov. 1st, God gave me an intercessor, a sister who would begin a daily regimen of prayer with me, that mid-way through seemed like it was having the OPPOSITE affect on our lives.  My head was spinning.  All hell was breaking loose.  I couldn't begin to imagine that my life would take the turn it took.  I hit 'bottom's bottom'.  But that was in my 'finite' understanding.  In truth, God was at work.  He was taking those daily prayers and stirring things up so that the 'semblence' of order would be able to make way for 'true order'.  He was in the midst of us each morning at sunrise and honoring our words.  He was giving us a bond of sisterhood that could not be created by blood but was created in heaven.  He was working things out for our good.  He was, indeed, bringing Romans 8:28 to life in our prayers. 

December 2nd, 31 days after our prayers started, God began to reveal another little glimpse of His plan.  In all the ups and downs, one thing was consistent - prayer.  So, the Prayer Conference line started (now on day 30) so that it could be more than just she and I (though for quite a few more days it was still just she and I on the line). 

But eventually, women from all over began joining at 6am Mon-Fri and pouring out their hearts to God.  Not just for themselves...they've/we've realized that the source of our strength is in intercessory prayer.  Praying for others means that there will always be someone praying for you especially when you/I can't pray for ourselves.  MY GOD there are some praying women on those calls.  Some I know by spirit, some I know by voice, all I know - are my sisters.  Without them I could do nothing.  This must be what God meant when He said, 'every joint supplieth' or when He said, 'the strong bear the infirmities of the weak'. 

So...we walk together into 2011.  Maybe not having accomplished every goal that we set for ourselves.  Possibly not achieving all the success that we desired.  But one thing is sure - we are still standing for a reason.  We are still here because we are More than Conquerors!  The thing that I've learned and it is my mantra, especially when I forget my 'faith colored' glassed and look at the world through the eyes of despair and forget for a moment that God is in control.  I remind myself...ITS ALREADY ALRIGHT! 

May God bless you and take you to higher heights and deeper depths in 2011.  May you find peace and success.  May you receive your healings, your blessings, your deliverances.  May you rejoice NOW because ITS ALREADY ALRIGHT!!!

If you'd like to join the week day 6am prayer conference call, text 'PRAY' to 704-493-2035 and you will be send the conference # and the pin.  Prayer changes things. 

Keep walking on water!!!

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