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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to Eden: Eat to Lose - A Christian Approach to Weight Loss

What is it? It is addressing the real, root cause of our weight issues using the tools that God has given us and standing on the promises that God has given us and the power that God has given us.

What it isn't? It's not starvation, pills, shakes or no carb living.

God has made certain promises and provision to us and for us. I have found that when we seek Him and His word, he is very clear on what we should do, how we should live and what we should eat.

I have also realized that in using food inappropriately I have caused certain consequences in my life. I often used food for friendship, solace, comfort, enjoyment, to assuage guilt and to replace love. Those choices led to an unhealthy dependence on food to do somethings that it is really incapable of doing. Food is intended to be used for 'fuel'. All the other things I tried to use it for, were the things that God wanted to be for me. It wasn't until I became so frustrated with the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, big waist, etc., that I finally FINALLY surrendered my fat to God.

I was always praying person. I even prayed 'about' my fat. But to really, really, really, surrender my fat to God. Well, to be honest, I felt it too trivial. I mean, I had friends surrendering their cancer, their finances, their marriages, etc., to God. How could I trouble Him with something as trivial as my FAT? But I was finally undone. I couldn't do it any longer. I was working out 3-4 days a week, practically starving - eating ice cubes and grapes (figuratively) and still at the end of the month having lost barely a pound. I was ready to give up and that was exactly what God was waiting for.

I finally gave it Him. I told him how sorry I was. How I realized I let pride get in the way of my success. I thought I could do THIS..this weight thing, without Him. He said to me...finally. Now let me show you. And He has. I started this plan on 1/4/2010 at 204 lbs at a size 18/20. I am now down to a size 10/12 (as of 4/13/10) the first 15lbs without EXERCISE. I started adding the exercise now that I know the plan is working. Actually, as of today (6/29/10), I can put on a size 8 (but I still can't quite breathe in it yet:)comfortably).

Anyway, a few friends asked me about my weight loss and how I have been doing it. I wanted to share, but wanted to be sure that it was real and working (not just 'water' weight loss or placebo) before sharing it. Then I only shared with a couple of people to see if their results would be as effective. It has been.

Whether it is a few pounds or just wanting to get healthy this is the way to do it. I am doing personal body typing and consultations for $75 (YouTube friends and Facebook friends get a discount at $50 so add me on facebook right away - Lisa Indyatalks Thatch). Note this is a one time cost for your materials and the consultation. You won't be eating shakes, or pills or anything else you have to buy from me.

I will provide you with a meal plan and food choices specific for your body type. You can even review it with your doctor for soundness. It really, really works and is healthy. But more importantly, I will pray with you and for you. I will send emails with encouragement and recipes and triumphant success stories to encourage you to succeed and persevere.

I call the program Back to Eden – Eat to Lose! It is a Christian based program and I'm getting back to basics and feel led to share it with my family. My email address is or call me at 704-493-2035. Just contact me directly and I'll work with you on your goals.

Meanwhile...Keep walking on water!

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