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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love is a battlefield

I am fighting for love. I can't seem to let go, the ties that bind are strong. The love is not just the catalyst but also the fuel for my perseverence. I am trying to prove something. What is it? Am I attempting to prove God's word? Love conquers all? That it does, but is it my charge to prove? That I do not know.

I hold on and keep fighting a formidable adversary. But I have to keep reminding myself...I am fighting IN Victory not FOR Victory!!! WE already win. The battle has been fought and won on calvary. Strangely, I fight myself. Every step of the way. I know when and what I 'should' be doing but I allow myself to get in my own way. I 'rest' in 'mess' instead of in God. When I sit back to breathe I fill myself with nonsense instead of encouragement. I allow myself to be surrounded by a blaring TV or an annoying radio instead of cloaking myself in the praises of God. I already WON! So why do I still fill my mind and mouth with woe?

I have to step back and behave like a victor. Behave as one worthy of accolades of success and triumph. Behave as an overcomer. Behave as a winner. Because that's what I am. I am MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! And so are you!!

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