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Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to Eden Fall Retreat

So family, the Charlotte Back to Eden Fall Retreat is here!

Location: Cane Creek - Union County, NC
Date: October 15-17th, 2010
Cost: $55/per person (for the weekend - includes room and board)

Deposit: $20/per person - due 9/24/10 (paypal or call me 704-493-2035 to pick it up or drop it in the mail)

Balance Due: 10/5/10 - To give me time to purchase food and essentials.

Cane Creek cabin is the lighter side of camping. Heated/Cooled cabins sleep 6 (with bunk beds) and electricity is available along with a mini fridge and full bathroom facilities. We have campfire cooking facilities and a private picnic table.

I'll provide more details to those who sign up but here's a little something to whet your whistle:
Lakeside sunrise/sunset, hiking, miniture golf, paddle boats, prayer/praise/worship, fellowship, movie and of course - food.

We had such an anointed time together on saturday morning. The pray in/weigh in turned into a show 'nuff Deliverance Service. I thank God for the fellowship and the anointing. Afterward, we had some delicious smoothies - Banana Pinapple Oatmeal is now my all time favorite:) And some successful weigh ins. I will send out the congratulations on this week.

Meanwhile...keep walking on water!


  1. WE only have 1 spot left (9/14/10) If necessary I will add another cabin!!

  2. Cabin # 1 AND Cabin #2 are full. Cabin #3 will be reserved IF I keep getting reservations!! O M G! I can't stop praising!! God is so awesome!!

  3. I don't know if you included me, but I will be there :)

  4. Everyone be sure to join the FB group!/group.php?gid=140657535977939

  5. We are up to cabin #4!! Cabin #3 has 1 spot left and I have proactively reserved Cabin #4...just 6 spots left! There are only 6 cabins on the creek shall we get the REST of them? OMG! I'm so excited!!!

  6. Cabin #6 just 1 spot left!!! I have 2 (maybe's) holding permanent spots. Just so you know, deposits are due Friday 9/24!!! Then the MAYBE'S turn into VACANCIES!