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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picking up the pieces!!

I had a seriously difficult Monday. I mean everything was seemingly coming down on me faster than I could handle. Work, home, food, exercise, family, EVERYTHING was just a shambles and believe it or not, as much as I nag everyone about being prepared, going to God, purging all the crap out of your homes...well....I fell to pieces!!! We had some brownie bites left and all that chaos was a welcome invitation to fall head first into the bag. The funny part (funny/sad - I don't know which) but the funny part was I ate one brownie bite and 5 spoonfuls of broccoli as if that was going to 'cancel' it out. Everytime I went back to the brownie bite bag, I would eat 5 big spoonfuls of broccoli almost WITH the brownies AND STILL managed to go back for a 3rd BROWNIE-broccoli bite!!!!

Now, if that's not a prime example of God providing 'a way of escape' 1 Corin 10:13 (the broccoli or any number of things could have been the escape) and me figuring out a way NOT to take it. I compromised myself, my goals for the love of chocolate. 3 brownie bites...Not a big deal some of you might say, but it actually became a big deal. The sugar in the brownies awakened the 'yum-yum' monster in me and no amount of broccoli could 'un' ring that bell. It was like going through withdrawl trying to 'rinse' all that chocolate out of my system (yeah rinse - my eyeballs are floating from how much water I'm trying to drink) but I let my guards down (left off prayer) and didn't put my guards up (Christ/Holy Spirit) and now I have consequences to face. ARGH!!! Well, hopefully, someone will learn from my mistake AND prayerfully YA'LL WILL PRAY FOR ME as I do oft for you.

Sign me - Back on track and picking up the slack.

I'm working on a labor day holiday recipe and I'll send it out on Thurs/Friday.

Yay! Me for picking up the pieces and starting back over IMMEDIATELY!!

Walking on water!!

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