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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

overcome with desire

Ex 16:35 - And the children of Israel did eat manna forty years, until they came to a land inhabited; they did eat manna, until they came unto the borders of the land of Canaan.

The children of Israel were made daily provision, by the Father. 40 years this manna gave sustenance, strength and proper nutrition. They were being groomed into the best shape they had ever been in. Being made ready for the fight that was ahead of them as they go forth and carpe diem - seize the day. Seize their destiny. But their thoughts of what they had experienced as 'better' began to overcome them. They began to lust after a better time. A time of fish and cucumbers, so much more delicious than manna...wasn't it?

Nu 11:6 - But now our soul is dried away: there is nothing at all, beside this manna, before our eyes.

The longing they had for those 'delicacies' was as if they were sitting poolside with cabana boy's bringing them umbrella drinks while fanning them with palms. O what a better time, they are willing to give up their entire inheritance for it. The land flowing with milk and honey - that's where they wanted to go back to. Oh, my bad. I had it backwards huh? They wanted to go back into bondage, complete slavery and be at the whim of the pharoah d'jour because the lustful memories of fish and cucumbers had begun to block out the opression, the pain, the weights that had been placed on them.

We look at our choices now and so little has been taken from us, but we put it in a whole different perspective. NO CHEESE - I'm gonna die! No BREAD - oh, I'm gonna die. No cake - I'd rather die. I'd rather go back into the bondage of submission - SLAVERY to those things than to endure (yes endure) the blessings that God has placed in us so that we can have the fullness of his promises - LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. I'm ready to give up the prize - that which lies ahead for a moment of gratification forgetting all that's associated with it - bondage, opression, even physical pain.

I'm not writing this in the personal pronoun "I" to make it 'seem' like I'm including myself. Let me tell you the truth I AM talking MYSELF DOWN OFF OF A WALL before I FALL RIGHT NOW. I just hope that God will use the thoughts that I'm a using with all my strength to cast down as a vehicle for all of us to overcome. Its so easy to feel like 'woe is me' because life is not exactly the way I imagined it would be at this time. To feel justified in just doing whatever I want because I need a 'pick me up'. Would you give me that advice if my weakness were sexual in nature? It has been and probably could easily become that again. I mean if I give in in this area what would stop me for succumbing to my flesh in EVERY area?!? Could I just go out and have a 'little affair' it won't hurt? Could I just have a 'small fling' and pick up and keep going and expect my marriage to be nurtured back to health? Will it? Can it? Does it work that way?

Cane Creek update:

We have most of the deposits in. If you have not sent in your deposit and received back a response from me that I got it - then I didn't get it yet. But its not too late. I have made arrangements with Cane Creek for those who are able to pay on Wednesday so if anyone hasn't sent their monies and can get it to me by Wednesday - we'll work it out. I'm excited!!

$20 deposit - past due (extension til Wednesday)
$35 balance due 10/5/10

Full itinerary will be provided 10/5/10 along with a list of things to bring (and to leave home).

No Cook Recipe - Eating out!
I had the MOST delicious salad on Saturday at none other than Wendy's. They have a 1/2 salad w/2oz. protein (grilled chicken) and you can add a side - baked potatoe for only $4.25 and it was delicious!!
I had Apple Pecan Chicken salad and a baked potatoe (left off the pecans) with raspberry vinagrette dressing and it was STUPENDOUS!! $4.25 - Wendy's whoohooo...yum! You can be like me and Patti Labelle and keep your 'butter buds' in your pocketbook and you'll have them for your potatoe:) - ok, she keeps hotsauce, I keep butter buds...same thang!

It was so good I made it at church the next day for my midday meal.

Prayer: Lord, help me today to cast down vain imaginations. Those thoughts were so real that I could feel myself slipping off into the fullness of the fall. I'm glad you snatched me back. Thank you for providing me a way of escape. I didn't feel like I could make it. But you showed me that your authority is the last authority. You reminded me of my worth and the value of staying true to my commitment. You empowered me to pull out of it. Thank you to the one is able to keep me from falling. Lord I know that which you have done for me today, you will also do for my sisters and brothers. Help us to be transparent with you. It was embarrasing to talk to you this morning about what and how and who and why I was thinking. But YOU were the one I NEEDED to be talking to. Thank you for being there for me Lord. Being there for us. In Jesus name, amen.

Special prayer: Lord, we ask you to show us how to accept your will. You have received Kareem back to yourself. We know you made him whole. We know you healed him. We know you showed yourself awesome by giving him to us for 15 more days than 'they' gave him to live. But we wanted it differently Lord. We wanted him on this side Lord. Selfish - maybe. But I'm just being honest Lord. Help us to deal with our grief as we put our trust and faith in you. In Jesus name. Amen.

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