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Monday, October 4, 2010

Cane Creek Update & Itinerary

Cane Creek Update
See video

All 6 Cabins are BOOKED!! Final payments are due Wednesday (no later than Friday 10/8/10)unless other arrangements have been made. The weekend will be like a Celebrity Fit Camp/Retreat with lots of laughter, prayer, fun and new friendships to be made by all. Pardon the length of this post but I want to provide you with as much info as I can so we can prepare our hearts and our minds for this awesome experience.

Cane Creek Website - Check here for pictures, details and directions! The section that refers to the
'6 rustic cabins' that's us!

The Tentative Itinerary is as follows:
Friday: 10/15/2010
3pm - 6pm (arrivals/happy hour)
Meet and greet, cabin assignments, music, dress up and fun!!

6:30pm - Prayer
7pm - Dinner
(Don't stay up too late - for tomorrow....)

7am - Sunrise Prayer at the creek
(God help us!! Tish and Gwen will be our Fitness Instructors - Have MERCY!)

7:30am - Breakfast

8:30am - Fitness Festivity #1
Details to be provided by our Fitness Team

10:30am - Snack

11:30am - Fitness Festivity #2
Details to be provided by our Fitness Team

1:30pm - Lunch/Adjourn to the 'Day Side' for more fun activities. Miniture Golf ($2/person) Pedal Boats ($3/person). We are also trying to secure a VolleyBall goal for more fit fun!

3:30pm - Snack (or special presentation w/food preparation - TBD)

4:30pm - Fitness Festivity #3 (note: if we are able to provide the special presentation at 3:30pm there will not be a 4:30pm Fitness Festivity...I hear you all saying 'awwww' (sarcastically))
Details to be provided by our Fitness Team or special food preparation provider

5:00pm - Free Time - Shower/hang by the creek/fish (I'm bringing 4 poles you can borrow)

6:30pm - Sunset Prayer/Dinner/Movie

Sunday: 10/17/2010
7am - Sunrise Prayer/Check out

Note: We do not officially 'have' to check out until 3pm. Anyone who would like to linger, please coordinate with your cabin leader and provide 1 blank check (per cabin; to be made out to Cane Creek) or $40/cash to use for the key deposit. You will get it back when you turn in the key. Otherwise, I'm turning in the keys when I leave which is at 7:30 am.

Please do consider staying and hanging out around the area. Its very peaceful and beautiful. I can't stay after 7:30am because I have to get back to Charlotte and ready for church services.

Tentative Menu (subject to change based upon availability and pricing)

Crystal Light/Wylers Packets

Friday Dinner
Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs w/veggies and/or salad

Friday Treat (PM Snack)
S'More (notice - no 's' at the end - LOL) we'll only be having 1 "S'More" a piece - uncivilized, I know:)
Fruit will also be available

Saturday Breakfast
Turkey sausage/Potato/Spinach Breakfast Quiche (no cheese)

Saturday Snack #1
Trail Mix

Grilled Chicken salad w/Apples & Walnuts

Saturday Snack #2
Special Presentation or TBD (keep your fingers crossed. I really want to be able to have the 'special presentation'

Saturday Dinner
Shrimp Gumbo & Spanish Rice w/peas

PM Snack
S'More - AGAIN!! You will have EARNED this one - LOL!!
Fruit and left overs I am sure will be available for those not wanting this second bit of 'treat'.

Sunday Morning
Coffee and tea and water will be available.

I hope that you all review the itinerary and start to get excited about all the fun we'll have.

What to bring:
All your hindrances and issues (you won't be taking these home with you - we'll cast those cares on Him who cares for us and let them float away on the water)

Tooth brush/paste
Wash cloth/towel/body wash/deodorant
1 twin size fitted sheet (or queen size fitted sheet if you are gonna double up. I'll send the cabin assignments by friday. If you have a preference and have not already communicated it to me, please let me know ASAP.)
1 comforter/blanket or sleeping bag
Shower shoes
Pajamas & Undies - feel free to bring your lucky draaaws (lol - too specific; ya'll know I got a little type A)
Bathrobe (to wear back from the bath house after your shower)
Flashlight (for nighttime visits to the potty)

Work outfit w/comfortable shoes AND A GOOD BRA!
Hand towel or face towel
Yoga mat
5lb hand weights
Resistance bands
CDs of your favorite music and/or DVD you'd like to have us watch together

Note: Don't worry about 'buying' anything in this 'specific' list you don't have. We'll work around it if you don't. No one has to make any additional expeditures.

Also, there is NOTHING in the cabin but your bunk/mini-fridge/bed and heat/air unit (not room for much else either). We are watching movies outdoors on a projector in the common area by the lake so be ready to bring your blanket or your robe to be comfy.

What not to bring
Any negativity (unless you are bringing it to allow the Lord to DESTROY that yoke)!

General Questions:
Q. Do I 'have' to participate in all the stuff?
A. No, of course not. However, in addition to be fun, fit activities they are also a team events. So whatever activities you 'sit out' will not garner points for your team. Be mindful that there are 'points' available for 'non-fitness' related contributions so no worries, everyone will have the opportunity to get points.

Q. Will I be able to choose what cabin, bunk, person, I sleep with?
A. I will make every effort to be as equitable as possible, taking into consideration special needs, familiarity, personality and preference. However there is no way I can guarantee everyone will get exactly what they want. Please be flexible and pray much and oft for me:)

Q. Will there be alcohol at the retreat?
A. I will neither be providing nor prohibiting alcohol. Ya'll is grown folk.

Q. What if I have paid in full and cannot make the trip?
A. I should have mentioned this one up front, but the cost of the cabin is non-refundable. I would recommend you 'sponsor' someone else or allow me to extend your spot to someone who would enjoy the opportunity but could not otherwise afford to attend.

Q. Will someone be taking pictures and videos of the event?
A. YES!! We will be documenting the fun and fellowship to look back on with fond memories!

Any other questions? Feel free to send them on!!

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