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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Charlotte Back to Eden Retreat Menu - Itinerary, etc.

For those who wanted to have all the recipes of the retreat - Here she goes:

Dinner - Friday nite: (Thanks to Sonia M. and E. Chaney for cooking!!)

Spaghetti and Meatballs
- Rice pasta
- Turkey meatballs (1oz/from Sam's Club)
- Hunts no sugar added, no sodium Italian Sausage version (canned)
- Garlic powder
- Onion powder

Breakfast - Saturday
Hash brown casserole
- Grated potatoes
- chopped Turkey Sausage (jennie-o; skinless, low-sodium)
- Soy Mozzarella/Colby Grated Cheese (Trader Joe's)
- Egg Beaters
- Stir Fry Mix (onions/peppers)
- Seasonings

Mid morning snacks
- Various granola bars

Lunch - Saturday
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
- Diced Gala, Golden, Pink Lady, Delicious apples
- Pecans (not salted or glazed)
- Craisins
- Mixed Salad Greens
- Grilled Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts (Sam's club)
- Raspberry Vinegrette dressing

Mid afternoon snack
- Fresh Juices (Thanks Roz for the use of your juicer)
- Apple, spinach, carrots, spinach, Bok choi, broccoli (WHATEVER YOU LIKE)
- Smoothies
- Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry, Almond milk, (Whatever you like!)

Dinner - Saturday
Arroz con gandules (Rice and peas) & Shrimp & Salad (Thanks Sonia!! for the Spanish FLAIR!)
- Arroz con gandules (no idea how to make it - my recipe...Call Sonia and say real sweet - SONIA, can you make me some Arroz con gandules) LOL...It always works for me:)
- Shrimp (31-40 ct Shrimp, Sam's Club)
- Mixed Salad greens

Late night indulgences
- SMORE'S (yeah - we had 2 a piece!!)
- 2 Graham Crackers
- 1 marshmellow
- 2 Hershey Squares
Heat over the campfire and INDULGE...almost sent me off the wagon! THANK YOU STEPHANIE for saving me - LOL. She took the S'more's right out of my mouth. I was having FAR too much fun with it.

Arrival prayer and release ceremony
Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you! We released our issues with our helium balloons.

AM Prayer Circle and Fitness Exercises (Thank you Gwen!! You liked to KILL US but we worked up a sweat and got our hearts pumping!!)

Hiking - To each group of ladies who took the 3mile, 5 mile, 6 mile hike - kudos to you! I'm so proud of you. I know it was a stretch but you did it!!!

PEARL Ceremony - EACH and EVERYONE of you is a special PEARL to me. A jewel that is beyond compare, unique and precious. Thank you for being a part of me!!

Special big'ups to Cheryl! You made it back to the finish on FOOT even after we sent the car for you. You wouldn't give up. You would not be defeated! We are so proud of you!!

Special atta'girl to Carla! You were right out there sweating and huffing and working it out with the early morning exercise. Such an inspiration! Thank you!!

Little Ms. Munchie - way to hold it down for the teens! Thank you for coming!

Regine' - THANK YOU for our audio video accoutrements & for keeping us in line with our recycling. Couldn't do it without you!

I also want to send a special 'thank ya Salome' for participating in our exercise of 'nuts and twigs' much to your chagrin - LOL. We understand what a sacrifice it is for you to see us all getting fit and giving up all the plus size fluff you love to squeeze so much. Thank you for caring more about our health than your own vices - hehehehe...I love you. Maybe I'll save a little love handle on the left hand side just for you:) (NOT)

I want take time to thank each and everyone one of you because each and everyone of you was remarkable. Expect a call from me over the next week or so. I'm so proud of ALL of you.

Please comment and share your stories so that everyone can experience this event from your eyes.

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