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Friday, November 19, 2010

Is he worth it?

There we were.  Laughing, dancing, smiling.  He's hanging on my every word.  Filling all my empty places.  He spent the night and laid it DOWN.  Oh it was so good.  Every second...perfect.  Satisfied to the tips of my toes.  Every hair, every nerve ending...stimulated.  I can't imaging not wanting to feel this way.  When he's with me, I'm completely satisfied.  I feel his warmth.  It pours all over me.  Then, before the dawn...he slips out.  Trying not to wake me so that I won't feel the void of his absence.  As the light of day begins to wash over me, what should be providing warmth is actually magnifying the cold emptiness that is chilling me to the bone.  He was so good to me - but nothing about him was good for me.  He's gone back his wife.

I'm really not telling the story to reveal my secrets.  Although, I'm a pretty open book.  I'm thankful for who I am and I'm very thankful for who I'm not, anymore.  But most of all, I'm learning that everything in my life has a lesson in it.  You see, that man, who wasn't my man was just enough man to take the edge off of the lonely times.  He made me feel so good.  I could even fantasize that one day he'd be all mine.  Or that he was just 'Mr. In the Meantime'.  Whatever he was, I know who and what he wasn't...Mr. NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!  But I know that now.  He left in his wake residual scars that would require healing, he left emptiness, for so long he blocked Mr. Right. 

I'm not going to tell you how this relates to food today - because its much more than food.  Its about figuring out your value and expecting, demanding...REQUIRING nothing less.  That requires self control, patience, prayer - all of the same things we need on this journey for wholeness in our health too. 

2 Timothy 1:7 - "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (sound mind is translated to discipline and self control)

Weekend Plans!!
Diva's Day Out!
It's not too late.  Free food, $5 dollar manicures, $7 pedicures, $1 per minute massages, $15 dollar photo shoot, handbags, jewelry and more more more !!! $10/advance - $12/at door!!
Back to Eden is a VENDOR!!! (Thank you to my B2E support team!  One day God is gonna let me put ya'll on STAFF!! - AMEN!!!)
Recipe Remix!!
Chilly Chili
Prayer:  Back to Eden family - please pray for the success of the Diva's Day out event.  Pray for my family.  Pray for your families.  Pray for the unity and success of the Body.  Pray that we find our focus. Pray that God honor the desires of our hearts.  Pray without ceasing.  Pray.  The importance of prayer can never be over emphasized.  JUST PRAY! 

Love you!  Have a great weekend!!!

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