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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blame it on the ______________________

original post date: 3/12/10

Is 63:17 O, Lord, why has thou made us to err from thy ways and hardened your heart from thy fear? Return for thy servants' sake, the tribes of thine inheritance.

The blame game. Even the chosen people of God played it. Blaming God for their disobedience. People often assuage their guilt about a given situation by displacing responsibility for their actions. "It ain't my fault" or "Blame it on the alcohol" or "Blame it on the rain" all songs about something that someone did that they realize they should not have done but instead of owning the responsibility for their actions, they looked for some object outside of themselves to place blame. The likelihood of repeating an error that one has made and not accepted responsibility for the action are far greater than when we 'own up' to what we did and learn from it.

Let responsibility and accountability start today.

Congratulation's time:

Vann H. Down a fantastic, fabulous, fat-free 4lbs!! in 4days!! Can I get a whoop, whoop!! you go girl!!

Cossandra S. Down an amazing 12lbs and 11inches in just 1 month!!! WHAT!?! Did I see you in a magazine girlfriend!! U betta work!! You go girl!

Me. (Lisa T.) Down 7lbs in 7 days and ALMOST in a size 10 - without a body shaper on!! (I can't zip it yet tho-lol) Y'all betta clap it up for me!!!

Tish C. - Way to get started sista!! I'm so glad you decided to go on this journey with us!

Lord, I acknowledge my weakness and my shortfalls. I bring them before You and present them to Your altar. In the humility of my brokenness, I beg You to keep me from repeating those same mistakes. I realize that apart from You I can do nothing, I am nothing. But in You, I can do the impossible. Thank you for your forgiveness. Help me to forgive myself. I love you Lord, with all my heart. In Jesus name. Amen.

Its friday, so in lieu of the recipe, I'll provide some restaurant solutions so we can stay on track even if we want to go out.

Grilled Tilapia w/Mango Salsa (comes with rice and veggies)
Sizzling Chicken Skillet (order with no dressing or tortillas).
Mesquite chicken salad (order with no dressing, the corn and beans will count as your carb)

TGI Friday's:
Sizzling Chicken/Steak or Combo Fajita (order without tortilla) Order w/baked potato

Macaroni Grill:
Pollo Margo "skinny chicken" (order with no cheese, no dressing)
Chicken Toscana (order with no bacon, no cheese, no dressing)
Simple Samon
Mediterranean shrimp

Activities to add to you weekend:
Brisk walk in the park
Roller skating
Bike riding
and of course my favorite (which I don't save for the weekend....) Wii!!!

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