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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Man cannot live by bread alone

Luke 4:4 cannot live by bread alone but by every word of God.

I struggled this week to write about 'food' or 'diet' because my focus has been on 'war'. Our church is preparing for its new fiscal year and the theme is "I D-E-C-L-A-R-E WAR!". I realize that as I put my focus on the theme and honing my weapons of 'war' (the Word) that I had less and less thought connective messages regarding 'eating'. We are discussing 'fasting' and 'praying' and tearing down strongholds.

But God. He's so amazing! He never ceases to remind me of how great He is. Jesus was in the wilderness AND he was HUNGRY. What a way to be set up! Just as in the beginning, he was tempted - WITH FOOD! But HE-CHRIST in his infinite wisdom responded in FREEDOM and not in bondage (as Eve did). He 'COULD' have turned that stone to bread. But he rebuked the devil with the Word of God. Because of his obedience, restraint, he is victorious.

We have to get in the Word of God. It is by His word and through His word that we find our power, our strength. And how wonderful is it that we serve a God who has been through what we are going through!!! Get a word, memorize it, use it to fight the cravings and the mindless eating and the lack of consistency. Here's a good one:
1 Corinthians 10:13. Shoot it at the adversary and he WILL FLEE!!

Congratulations Time:
Kim J. Baltimore, MD - Keep going girl...down 3 more pounds! You can do it!!
Gloria (Flat)L. - Baltimore, MD - Momma Flat, I'm so proud of your consistency. Tone and sculpt and shape. You got it woman of God! Keep it up!
Trudy R. - Raleigh, NC - Down from 22 to size 14 since February!! You had some ups and downs but you kept getting back UP!! I'm so proud of you! You betta work those heels chickie!
Lisa (Indyatalks) T. - Down 3.5inches!! this week....whoo hoo. I went up 2lbs ya'll and almost lost my mind for a minute:), but those measurements show and prove. Who's zoomin' who?!! (muscle is heavier than FAT!!)

Summer Salad All in One

2 cups - Spring mix salad greens
1/2 cup - Broccoli Slaw
1 pkg - Tuna or Salmon (10 oz, low sodium)
Sugar free poppy seed dressing
seasonings to taste

In a large bowl, make a bed of Spring Mix salad greens. Top with the Broccoli slaw (adds amazing crunch). In a separate bowl, mix tuna/salmon with seasonings.

Serving: Dish out as much of the salad greens as you like and top with about 2-3 oz of the fish mix. Top with 1/4 cup of the poppy seed dressing. YUMMY!!

Exchanges: 1 Veggie A; 1 Protein A; small portion of fat (dressing) - use vinigrette spray if you prefer. Add a small baked potato if you need a carb to complete your meal. Feel free to toss in some fruit if you need a fruit for your meal.

Prayer: Lord, strengthen and remind us that every battle we fight is for our attention to be taken from YOU! Help us to turn to you and to fight the adversary with the power you have placed in us. We thank you for allowing these things to work together for our good. We love you for all you do. Thank you for new beginnings and for your forgiveness. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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