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Monday, July 26, 2010

I think. I can. I think. I can.

I think. I can. I think. I can.

Funny, all my years reading the little engine that could, I always read it, I think I can. I think I can. And that was good enough. I mean he kept thinking he could and eventually...he did. But this time, hearing it from Young Jules this Sunday morning, it rang in my ears differently. It sounded like, I think. (period) I can. (period). Which had different meaning. You've heard it - I think therefore I am. I began to assimilate in my mind. Since I 'think' and have the cognicent ability to discern truth and apply wisdom there is NOTHING I can't do. I began to explore this thought as if it were a new concept. I think. I can. I think - therefore - I can. But there was one thing missing....the DO. I think. I can. Sometimes, I can know the what and even the how, but the 'do'...yeah, notsomuch. Problem is, you can think all you want, you can know you 'can' all you want but until you 'do' its only an assumption - a wish - a speculation.

I'm now 'doing' and 'doing' and that 'doing' requires more 'thinking' and more knowing that I 'can' to reinforce my next steps and stages but if I don't 'do' all my thinking and 'can' ing is in vain. I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating....JUST DO IT! You don't have to do it alone - Go with God but GO!! Make your thoughts a reality.

Congratulations Time!

Taryn C. - You called me just in time for today's message my sweet little hard-headed skinny baby:) I'm gonna put you on blast - Down 26lbs in 4 WEEKS!! I'm proud of you, but look where you'd be if you had started sooner! TC had the program for 3 months and only started once her trainer confirmed that by eating this way would definitely net results AND FAST and UH...GUESS WHAT - THEY DID!! Glad you jumped in and did the dern thing! Go baby!

Kenya T. - 9 oh 9 pounds in 1 week!!! We gonna get them inches tracked this eve. She's a BRICK-HOUSE!! Do it sista!

Sonya M. - Get that food organized mi hermana! Vamos! You can do it!

Pesto Salmon w/veggies and herb rice

1 cup of fresh basil leaves - chopped small
1 tbsp olive oil (extra virgin)
1 tbsp parmesan & herb seasoning (Land o Lakes - 5 cal/serving)
Morton Lite Salt/Pepper to taste
1 lb salmon cutlets - thawed

Preheat oven to 350 degrees (toaster over works great for 1-2 servings) Mix herbs and seasonings together and top salmon. Cook 15 mins or until desired doneness is reached. Enjoy with herb rice and your favorite veggie.

Prayer: Lord, help us to get out of our own way today. 'doing' is NOT the hardest part. Deciding to 'do' is. Let those of us who are 'doing' it today - PRAY - deliberately. We ask YOU LORD to come in and make your will plain. Help us to walk upright and holy. We love you and we want to honor you with our bodies Lord. Its not easy, you know that, but you have equipped us with the holy ghost. Rise up in us Holy Spirit and anoint our good success. In Jesus name. Amen.

Special prayer: Lord today, the marriages need your anointing more than ever before. Help to restore the love and show us how to be patient and caring with one another. Develop a desire to work together to build up and not tear down. Remind us that in the unity of marriage there is strength. Lord, send mates to the single, restore love and happiness to the married. Let it be an honor to you Lord. Please comfort those who have lost and restore that which the canker worm has eaten. We need you now Lord. Thank you. By the power of the name of Jesus. Amen.

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