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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Push Press Pray

original post date: 3/11/10

Press toward the mark for the prize... Phil 3:14

The word 'press' implies that some exertion is required to achieve the goal. When we press a button, we focus energy through our fingers and produce pressure to cause that button to depress. When we press toward the mark for Christ - we also have to exert energy to make anything happen. That 'press' is in His word and at work in His ministry. Likewise for our weightloss goals. If we don't 'press' or exert energy, we won't lose weight. You have to get moving and continue eating the foods that God has designed to cause your body to operate optimally. All of these 'presses' work together. We are 3 part beings; mind, body and spirit. We have to fulfill the needs of each of our parts so that we may operate optimally.

If we don't 'press' ourselves we won't acheive our goals. Nothing worth having happens by accident. Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Pray and ask God to order your steps and strengthen your walk - in Him, in weightloss, in LIFE. Don't exclude God from any area of your life. He wants to be in it. Pray without ceasing. Read His word and find out what He desires for you today. Pray.

Chicken and Mixed Vegs - Asian style

1lb chicken
16oz Chinese Vegs
1lg onion chunky cut
1 green pepper cut in strips
1/4 c garlic sauce (go to the chinese restaurant and just ask for some. They'll charge about .50c but it will make your meal taste authentic.)
Pepper to taste
White Rice - steamed

Cook chicken until its no longer pink in the middle. Add onions and green pepper, cook until onions are translucent. Add other vegetables and sauce and cover and reduce heat. Serve over white rice.

1/2c Rice - 1 serving carb B
2oz Chicken - 1 serving protien A
Vegs - have as much as you like!

Prayer: Lord help us to press forward and not give up on ourselves. Remind us that the race is not givent to the strong or the swift but to them that endure to the end. Cover us and keep us today as we put you first in all that we do. Remind us to love one another and trust you with all we do.

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