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Friday, July 2, 2010

Put that knife down! Don't cut your throat!!

Proverbs 23:2 And put a knife to your throat If you are a man given to appetite.

That's how SERIOUS it is. It would be better to cut our own throats that to have no self control regarding food. But God doesn't leave us to our own devices. He gives us good, godly counsel, in His word to help us to be sober minded (self controlled). God knows that 'appetite' (for food or any number of indescretions) is a real battle that many of us face. Some of us admit the severity of it but accept it as, 'that's just the way I am'. Others avoid facing the truth and continue doing what they've always done until they run up against a real consequence. (This one was me, I was/am 'fat' but there was nothing wrong with my fat. The doctors couldn't pin diabetes, blood pressure, my cholesterol was alright, all that...and I was still 'cute' (lol). But it was only a matter of time before failing to address my gluttony was in essence a knife to my throat. Finally at my annual physical, my high blood pressure and cholesterol were WAYYYYY up. I had to go on 'old people' medicine, as my mother calls it. WHAT?! Not me, I'm 41(at the time). I'm not old. But all the choices I made for myself were catching up to me. The same way I have learned to speed up my metabolism, I was accelerating the aging process. Eating inappropriate foods in large quantities led to my health problems. Lack of exercise leads to muscular atrophy. All these things equal a body that DOES NOT function how it is intended for the length of years it is intended and in essence I CUT OFF MY OWN LIFE because I was given to appetite.

But GOD! He's a God of second chances. A God of new beginnings. A God of 'draw nigh unto me and I'll draw nigh unto you'. Surrender the habits, the food, the drink, the whatever is separating you from life and life more abundantly. Seek God daily while He can be found and save your life, don't cut your throat!

Charlotte Weekend Workout!
Boot Camp with Uneek Fitness (Ms. Tish) @ Independence Park 8am Saturday. $10
She will work you out and God will get the glory.

4th of July Game Plan
We know you are going to be out eating this weekend. Most people can't avoid that. Make as healthy a choice as you can. Watch your portions. Check yourself - snacking and picking adds up. Choose WHOLE foods not processed. Its better to eat potato salad than potato chips. Its better yet to eat a grilled potato than potato salad. Enjoy the cole slaw and choose hamburgers or turkey burgers over hotdogs (sodium/processed meat). Better yet, have grilled chicken breast. Select fruit over cake but AVOID WATERMELON (its mostly sugar water). Key words...moderation, moderation, um, did I say MODERATION?

Stay hydrated and be blessed my family. I want you around for a long, long time. God has a work to do in you and through you. Celebrate the FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE that Christ bought and paid for with his blood. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY FAMILY!!

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