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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don't let ignorance make me kill you! Save yourself!!

Hosea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge.

I have been recently asked to defend a statement that I made which was, "If you don't know how to use your weapon, don't be in the front line of this fight because you will get us both killed". Now, we know that are weapons are not carnal (guns/knives) but spiritual (prayer/fasting/supplication) so the question is how can I hurt you when I'm just asking a question about how to use my weapon?

There's nothing wrong with the question. The problem is, 'the timing'. When we are toe to toe with the adversary in the middle of WAR, guns cocked, ready to shoot and then someone interjects...'Um, how does the gun work' 'BAM!' right there, the adversary has taken both YOU and ME out with one shot. Because of the distraction.

Don't let anyone cause you to take your eye off your goal. NOT EVEN YOURSELF! If I'm already at the end of myself and in a fight of wills, my 'will' (flesh) against my 'will' (spirit), then I can't afford to be distracted by you bearing 'crunch and munch' and not understanding how that is a distraction. But God! Even with the temptation he provides a way of escape. (yesterday's memory you remember it?)

Congratulations Time:
Pulcheria P. - So proud of you! You better get that sewing machine out! That 8 is on the way!!
Doreen H. - Um, I done heard you are in a size 10 SISTA!! You betta shake your shimmies!!! Go girl! Do it!!

Ladies, please send me a picture of your progress. I'm so proud of you all. You give me encouragement with your successes. Praise God for your perseverence. I'm telling you that I know it takes a real commitment to get up each day and decide to be responsible and sober minded. God honor's your commitment and He will continue to empower you in your journey...back to eden

Quick Bowl-o-noodle yum!

Trader Joe's has a Rice Noodle Bowl for $.99 this week. I bought like 20 of them because I eat them about 2x a day. The sodium is a little higher than I'd like so either I throw the packet away and season it up myself with a little garlic powder, onion powder, lite salt (morton), pepper or you could just you 1/2 the seasoning packet. You simply open the 'bowl' add boiling water, cover the bowl and let it sit for 1 minute (or 2)

Then, WHATEVER, else is handy, throw it in the bowl. I like to do turkey meatballs and mushrooms. or Scallions and Shrimp. Or Steak and green peppers and onions. The variations are endless and so easy. You can take the bowl with you and a small tupperware of your proteins/veggie mix and whereever you are mix it up and enjoy a great hot meal. The water is absorbed by the rice noodles so you don't have 'soup' it just noodles and meat/veggies. YUM!!

Noodle portion is EXACTLY 1 - CARB B and you measure out your proteins to equal 1 protein (A or B or even C) in 2oz or 4oz portion. (female/male)

Note: If you purchase your noodle bowl from anywhere except trader joe's make sure to check the ingredients. The Rice Noodles should only have 2 ingredients (rice & water). Anything else is PROCESSED AND WE DON'T DO PROCESSED CARBOHYDRATES!!

Prayer: Lord let me be an instrument of peace. Let me be strengthened in you daily as I sharpen my tools of your word in my heart and write them on my eyelets. Help my sisters and brothers to acheive the greatness that you have placed in them and touch us all to be OVERCOMERS by the words of our testimonies. Lord we need you to come in and remind us of not just whose we are but WHO we are in you. We are more than conquerors, we are OVERCOMERS, we are WARRIORS, we are VICTORIOUS! and most of all, we are children of a MOST HIGH GOD WHO IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT WE CAN ASK OR EVEN THINK!! (according to the power that worketh in us....WORK YOUR POWER PEOPLE!!)

IN Jesus Name - Amen!!

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